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Warptlalk: Testing MySQL cluster with ANSTE

This month we’ll deliver this season’s last warptalk.

Koke and me will repeat our talk from MySQL Users Conference.

  • Title: Testing MySQL cluster with ANSTE
  • Time: 18:00 CEST
  • Place:
  • Updated News: Twitter

Our talks are recorded and uploaded to Vimeo and presentations are available on …

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Yesterday, the ebox and warp staff went to Alagon (25km from Zaragoza) to have a very nice BBQ, or should I say WBQ?

We had delicious food, drinks, music, a swimming pool and weather couldn’t be more perfect.

And also we ended up with a new guest in our home

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MySQL Conference 2009: I’m speaking

This wenesday I’ll be at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 as speaker :):

koke and me will show how ANSTE can be used to test the MySQL Cluster.

ANSTE is a testing tool for complex scenarios. It allows to run tests loading some virtual machines, configuring it’s network interfaces and runing some scripts on them.

Launching a virtual company

Last week I was in Tampere (Finland) attending the Openmind/Mindtrek event where I had the chance to meet quite a lot of open source people, from Finland and beyond. Surprisingly (or maybe not) I knew already quite a bunch of them. Henrik has a pretty good post about the event, the people and the beers with Stephe and Mikko (which together with the festivals of Pilar that started last Saturday are going to kill my liver ).
I must say that it has been one of the most interesting events I have been in the last year. The first day I ended somehow being invited to Novell’s diner for special guests and I was lucky enough to sit close to …

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