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Specify Recovery IP Addresses in Group Replication

Group Replication distributed recovery is one of the key features and until now it was restricted to be executed over one mysql connection point automatically defined on mysql system variables port and host.

With group_replication_recovery_endpoints we can specify through which interfaces can group replication recovery take place for a given member so that it controls where recovery traffic flows in the network infrastructure.…

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Recovery Enhancements for Group Replication

One of the key features of MySQL Group Replication is its distributed recovery mechanism. Whenever a new member joins a server group, making use of this plugin component, it reaches to a suitable donor and fetches the data that it misses up until the point it is declared online.…

MySQL Group Replication: Distributed Recovery behind the scenes

The new addition to the MySQL planet, MySQL Group Replication is now on Labs Release for you to try it! It offers you update everywhere capabilities on any group of normal, out of the box, MySQL servers. Concurrent updates on a setup of several MySQL servers is now possible and this with our trademark: the ease of use.

In fact we ship MySQL Group Replication in such a way that for you to form a group and add new nodes, all that is needed is to configure the servers with your unique group id and just press start. In this post we show you the “behind the scenes” of this process, on how the node catches up with the remaining servers through distributed recovery.

The basics about Distributed Recovery

If we were to summarize what distributed recovery is, we could describe it as the process through which a new server gets missing data from a live node, while paying attention to what happens in the group, eventually catching …

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