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Speaking in August 2016

I know this is a tad late, but there have been some changes, etc. recently, so apologies for the delay of this post. I still hope to meet many of you to chat about MySQL/Percona Server/MariaDB Server, MongoDB, open source databases, and open source in general in the remainder of August 2016.

  • LinuxCon+ContainerCon North America – August 22-24 2016 – Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada – I’ll be speaking about lessons one can learn from database failures and enjoying the spectacle that is the 25th anniversary of Linux!
  • Chicago MySQL Meetup Group – August 29 2016 – Vivid Seats, Chicago, IL – more lessons from database failures here, and I’m looking forward to meeting users, etc. in the Chicago area
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MySQL in the Windy City

Please join us on Tuesday, Sept. 28 for an afternoon of networking and educational opportunities as the IOUG hosts Matt Yonkovit, MySQL expert, for his presentation “MySQL: What You May or May Not Know.”

Tuesday, September 28 | 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
The 5 Minute DBA: A Crash Course to MySQL DBA Troubleshooting and Optimizations

Many people who are charged with running MySQL are not DBAs, rather they are developers, system administrators, network administrators, etc. Typically these people put on a DBA hat only when there is a problem to solve or to deal directly with. These people are called “the 5 minute DBAs,” dealing with databases issues for only a very short time in any given week. This session will give these 5 minute warriors some basic tools and skills in …

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