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DBA 101: Sometimes forgotten functionality in the MySQL client

The MySQL client has some functionalities some of us never use. Why would you use them and what is the added value of this?

Every DBA and developer has had a moment when he or she needs to connect to a MySQL database using the command line tool. Therefore I’ve written down an explanation of some command line commands you can insert in the CLI, most of them give added value and make your experience with the cli more enjoyable.


Who has never witnessed the scary feeling of not being connected to the write database when having several terminals open. I do, due to the fact I use the prompt functionality.

mysql >\R Production >
PROMPT set to 'Production > '

Or you can go a bit further and visualise the user, host and active database in:

mysql > \R \u@\h [\d]>
PROMPT set to '\u@\h [\d]>'
root@testbox [test]>


In …

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