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Percona’s Clustercheck Script for MySQL Galera

Learn how to set up and use Percona's clustercheck script in a MySQL Galera Cluster.

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How to Deploy Galera Cluster for MySQL using Docker Containers

February 18, 2014 By Severalnines

Virtual Machines are great, and very useful when trying out new software. However, they might be an unnecessarily heavyweight solution when testing clusters, especially if these consist of multiple nodes running exactly the same software. Each VM runs a full-blown OS image. On the other hand, Linux Containers (LXC) are an efficient alternative to OS-level virtualization and can run multiple isolated systems on a single host. Docker is a wrapper around LXC, it automates the deployment of applications inside containers. 

A notable advantage if you run with Docker + LXC is you can run many containers on a single host. They all share the same OS as the host, and when possible, the same binaries. Deployment can be extremely fast. Using Docker could be a good method if you want to spin multiple Galera nodes within a single host. 

In this post, we will create MySQL Galera Cluster …

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