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Building a Geo-Distributed CMS-backed site on a Budget (Poor Man’s CDN)

Many CMS-backed sites are built using MySQL and are launched on cloud infrastructure. In order to mitigate down-time due to regional outages, it is advisable to create a geo-distributed redundancy topology in both the app layer as well as within the database. GenieDB makes it very easy to set up multiple MySQL database servers around the world that are automatically kept synchronized as data is changed on any of the nodes. The database nodes are typically paired 1-on-1 with an app or web server. Some of our customers use the app servers to dish out their CMS backed sites. The database is kept synchronized, but the customers still need to find a way to keep the media content that they use to be available on all these app/web servers. Below is a simple setup that can be easily configured within a very small budget and provides high availability for both the data and the static content during an outage.

While some of our customers use …

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