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Gentwerpen Devops Meetup & Conference Season Update

A couple of us have been taking about it a lot already .. we wanted to host a one day #devops event in .be already last year.. then talks about starting a meetup group started again with @wonko_be but it was @fs111 pushing the final button and calling the rest of the .be community to order, we've set a date
and the first session will take place (agenda still needs to be detirmined)

So all you Belgian devops enthousiasts, maark October 11th in your calendar and go register here

We already have 2 other venues (Gent, Boom) lined up .. but let's get this first one started :)

Next to that here's an update for the rest of my upcoming Conference Season :

  • Later this month I`ll be heading to San Francisco for a talk at PuppetConf 2012. I'll probably be around in the valley a bit …
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MySQL Miniconf @ LinuxConfAU 2008: Call for Papers

I have just been notified that my proposal for a one-day MySQL Miniconf at LinuxConfAU 2008 in Melbourne has been accepted, so here's the call-for-papers! The MySQL miniconf was packed all day last time, and we had more proposals than we could fit... so, let's make 2008 a good one too!

There are about 6 or 7 slots of 50 minutes each. We could do 2x25 minutes for some, and possibly a slot with 5 minute lightning talks. A proposal should contain a short title and abstract of what you intend to talk about, what duration the talk would be (5, 25, 50), and a brief bio of yourself. Naturally you may submit multiple abstracts for different topics; chances are that at most one can be accepted so we see a good range of speakers and talks.

Please email your proposals to: m i n i c o n f 0 8 (at) l e n t z (dot) c o m (dot) a u
(so that is miniconf zero-eight at my private domain)
I'll grab one or two other people to …

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