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New PBXT/MyBS release enables JDBC-based BLOB streaming!

This is quite a milestone for me! At last it possible to actually do some practical work with the BLOB streaming engine (MyBS)!

For this release I have completed changes to the MySQL Connector/J 5.0.7, to allow BLOB data to be transparently stored and retrieved from the MyBS BLOB repository. The new version of the driver is called MySQL Connector/J SE (streaming enabled).

Uploading a BLOB is as simple as using setBinaryStream() or setBlob() on INSERT or UPDATE. By using getBinaryStream() or getBlob() after a SELECT you get direct access to the data stream coming from the repository. More information and some examples are provided in the documentation at:

To try this out you need to install the latest versions of PBXT and MyBS. Both are available from: …

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BLOB streaming engine (MyBS), version 0.5 Alpha released!

With some effort just before my holiday, I have managed to complete the release of the next version of MyBS, the BLOB streaming engine for MySQL.

This version includes all the basic functionality required to stream BLOB data in and out of MySQL tables.

The main features are:

  • Uploading of BLOB data directly into the database using HTTP PUT or GET methods.
  • Downloaded of BLOB data directly from the database using HTTP GET.
  • BLOB size may exceed 4GB - theoretical BLOB size limit of 256 Terabytes.
  • BLOBs are stored in a repository which manages references from other storage engine tables.
  • BLOBs are referenced by a URL.
  • URLs referencing BLOBs in the repository have a unique access code, for security.
  • The theoretical maximum repository size is 4 Zettabytes (2^72 bytes) per …
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