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31 Essential Blogs for Startups & Scalability

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So many blogs, so little time! Here’s our list of the best we’ve found. Currently our favorite reader is Pulse pictured left. Starting to play around with flipboard too.

Nuts & Bolts Technical

One of the original tech blogs, that still covers lots of breaking news, and difficult topics. Very technical, with probing commentary. Beware the actual comments though, as they’re often full of immature and childish rants.

Planet …

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How much does MySQL make?

Reading Dave's post on MySQL's IPO range of $600M - $1B, I started to wonder what type of revenue we're talking about. If you have access to IDC's massive pivot table with Software Vendor revenues (license & support only - services are excluded) split across the 100+ software markets they cover, you can follow along. I can't use the actual figures because I'd get in trouble with IDC's copyright office. But, if you take IDC's estimate of 2006 Microsoft revenue in the operating system market and divide that by Microsoft's market cap you get 5.3%. If you do the same... READ MORE

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