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ps_helper and its migration to sys

MySQL’s Performance Schema is an incredibly rich and versatile instrumentation engine, but apparently, with great power, comes increased complexity for the user to understand up front.

I think this is pretty natural:

  • The more flexibility you provide to the user on what to monitor (and this is one of the major goals of Performance Schema) – the more there is to twiddle from a configuration perspective.
  • The more data we provide in as generic a ways as possible – the more data there is.

Performance Schema is also only going to grow over time. There are many many missing bits of instrumentation within MySQL that users want us to add, and for the most part, most of those new things are now going in to Performance Schema. Things such as memory …

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A MySQL Replication Load Average with Performance Schema

Monitoring MySQL’s replication has always been a bit hit and miss, especially when trying to detect whether a slave is becoming overloaded or not. There’s been a few ways to do this in the past:

  • Monitor the Seconds_behind_master variable from SHOW SLAVE STATUS, which is the difference between the timestamp passed down from the master that the event was executed, to the time that the SQL thread started executing the event.
  • Use something like mk-heartbeat, which operates in the same way as Seconds_Behind_Master (trying to show you the actual time difference between the master and slave), and is a little more robust in complex replication chains, and other situations where Seconds_Behind_Master falls down (such as when the IO thread is lagging).
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Monitoring Processes with Performance Schema in MySQL 5.6

I’ve written before about how you can monitor the last wait per connection with Performance Schema in MySQL 5.5.

That solution joined the performance_schema.events_waits_current with the performance_schema.threads and INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST tables.

Joining to INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST is a necessary evil within MySQL 5.5, to be able to get the user and host information etc. – however it is certainly not optimal, because using …

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Helper Functions for ps_helper

I love our community.

Not long after posting my update on ps_helper, I had a couple of comments around the formatting of values within the output. Daniël van Eeden gave the suggestion that I could add a couple of Stored Functions, for formatting byte and time based values.

Of course, this was a great idea – not least for myself, because I no longer have to worry about how to format certain columns in the output.

I’ve added the following:


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