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Hidden tests of the MySQL test suite

Some of you may have run the mysql-test-run tool which is the MySQL test suite. But did you know there are actually multiple suites? If you just run the tool, you don’t get everything!

Check out the mysql-test/suites subdirectory. That’s all the stuff you don’t get when just running the tool normally. If you take a peek at the Makefiles, you will find a target test-bt (build team) which shows the extra calls and parameters for the additional suites.

OurDelta has had some interesting cases where a build that’s otherwise ok would fail when users tried the test suite on their installation. We reckon such a test should definitely pass, and thus we had some more homework to do. So now OurDelta builds with as many tests as exist enabled, on all platforms and architectures. Slow yes, but that’s not an argument to not test something, right? Failing tests are often indicative of other issues, so at the very least …

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DGCov: A tool for checking test coverage of a patch

Today I published the DGCov tool on the MySQL Forge.

DGCov is a neat tool that I implemented last year for use internally at MySQL, an old idea of Monty's.

The idea is to help developers to check that a new patch for the server code has received adequate testing before pushing it to the main tree. The GCC compiler has the gcov tool that can check which lines of the source code were never executed even once. But suppose you change a few 1000 lines across a big source base like MySQL. Then GCov output is not all that useful, since it will report tons of lines as not executed, and it is difficult to manually check which of those lines were touched by your patch.

The DGCov tool takes the GCov output and filters it so that it only shows those lines that were touched by the patch being checked. This output is immediately applicable to the work done …

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