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boring from another continent

as celia wrote earlier, we are in riga, latvia for a meeting of the mysql developers. she is holed up in the hotel room working on a screenplay (or maybe in the atrium where the wifi is better), and i am in a presentation about blogging.

celia already posted pictures from our excursion day on sunday (the day we didn’t sit around in the meeting rooms at the hotel). i took some video which i will figure out how to deal with once we are back home.

A bunch of MySQL/Sun engineers at Software Freedom Day

About 250 MySQL/Sun engineers are meeting in Riga, Latvia, for the annual internal MySQL Developers Meeting. 250 sounds like a large number. And a group picture is quite impressive.

Today is Software Freedom Day, which is organized at the local university, and includes talks by Mark Callaghan (Google), Mårten Mickos (MySQL), Domas Mituzas (Wikimedia Foundation).

The full program also mentions free beer, which is an irresistible combination!

Software Freedom Day in Riga: Superstars galore

Tomorrow (Saturday, September 20 2008) is Software Freedom Day, and we’re taking Latvia by storm! We’re hosting it at the University of Latvia, and we have an awesome schedule.

Why awesome? Because we have exciting speakers like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Mårten Mickos, former CEO MySQL AB, current SVP Database Group, Sun Microsystems
  • Kaj Arno, VP Community, Database Group, Sun Microsystems
  • Mark Callaghan, Google Inc - he’ll be talking about running a database when your business depends on it - very cool stuff
  • Domas Mituzas, Wikimedia Foundation and …
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