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“Duplicate Entry” error for key PRIMARY on UPDATE query (RBR + Triggers)

Recently, I have faced one interesting issue with Master(Active)-Master(Passive) replication (RBR + Triggers). Passive master was stopped due to “Duplicate Entry” error with update statement. It was something like this.

Last_Error: Error ‘Duplicate entry ‘29014131’ for key ‘PRIMARY” on query. Default database: ‘db’. Query: ‘UPDATE `db`.`tab1` SET `empid`=’103′, `name`=’Nilnandan’,  `address`=’India ‘, `postcode`=’D100′, `phone`=’878 515 7788’;

Interesting thing was , id (primary key column) was not updated in above update statement. Initially I was confused but when I check further, found that both servers has binglog_format = row and there are some triggers in “tab1” table which is inserting records into “tab2” (Another table).

After some investigation, found that “If under row-based replication the slave applied the triggers as …

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