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InnoDB 2012 Spring Labs Release

InnoDB team is pleased to announce the 2012 Spring labs release, with several much anticipated new features and performance enhancements. Please download mysql-5.6-labs-april-2012 from MySQL Labs and give a try. Do not forget to provide your feedback.

The 2012 Spring labs release on MySQL Labs consists of the following InnoDB new features, which are not in the newly released MySQL 5.6.5 DMR yet:

  • Online DDL: some of the DDLs are now truly online, including ADD INDEX, SET DEFAULT, and DROP FOREIGN KEY.
  • Memcached plugin: with additional features, such as SASL support.
  • Transportable tablespace: allow user to export data files and import them into another MySQL instance.
  • Persistent statistics ON/OFF switch: the ability of controlling persistent statistics on table …
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InnoDB 2011 Summer Labs Releases

In April of 2011, InnoDB team published the early access of NoSQL to InnoDB with memcached, plus several new features as part of MySQL 5.6.2 milestone release. This week, we announced additional early access to new InnoDB features for the community to test, and provide feedback.

There are two release packages from InnoDB team on MySQL Labs: InnoDB full-text search, and InnoDB new features.

InnoDB Full-Text Search

MySQL 5.5 makes InnoDB the default storage engine, so everyone can benefit from ACID-compliant transactions, referential integrity, crash recovery.  However, some users need InnoDB to have built-in full-text search, similar …

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