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Speeding Up TPCC Table Loads by 8x with TokuDB v5.0

Percona’s TPCC for MySQL toolset allows one to measure the query performance for an OLTP workload on various MySQL storage engines.  The toolset includes a program to load the database tables, and a program to run queries and measure performance.  We have found Percona’s TPCC toolset to be extremely useful for tuning our software.  However, we want to take advantage of TokuDB’s bulk load capability when loading the database.

We created a new tool, a simple variant of the existing code, that generates CSV files for the TPCC database.  These CSV files can be bulk loaded into TokuDB with a “LOAD DATA INFILE” statement. TokuDB’s bulk loader uses a parallel merge sort algorithm that is implemented in CILK, an extension to the C language that …

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