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A Tale of Two JSON Implementations - MySQL and MariaDB

JSON has proven to be a very import data format with immense popularity. A good part of my time for the last two or so years has been dedicated to this area and I even wrote a book on the subject.  This is a comparison of the implementations of handling JSON data in MySQL and MariaDB. I had requests from the community and customers for this evaluation.

JSON Data Types Are Not All Equal
MySQL added a JSON data type in version 5.7 and it has proven to be very popular.  MariaDB has  JSON support  version 10.0.16 but is actually an alias to a longtext data type so that statement based replication from MySQL to MariaDB is possible.

MySQL stores  JSON documents are …

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RFC 3177 (IPv6 Address Assignment to End Sites) Has Been Obsoleted

For those that don’t follow the ARIN Public Policy Mailing List, the following is excerpted from a post by Thomas Narten in response to the announcement that the IESG has approved a new document to replace the existing RFC 3177 (IPv6 Address Assignment to End Sites).

> The IESG has approved the following document:
> – ‘IPv6 Address Assignment to End Sites’
> (draft-ietf-v6ops-3177bis-end-sites-01.txt) as a BCP

Quoting from the Introduction:

This document obsoletes RFC 3177, updating its recommendations in the following ways:

1) It is no longer …

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