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Interview with Sean Corfield

I thought it would be fun, and informative to conduct some interviews with web developers on my blog. I'm starting off with someone that most of my blog readers probably already know, and many have probably even had a beer with - Sean Corfield.

If you don't know Sean, he was the Director of IT Architecture at Macromedia. Sean has had a diverse career including eight years involved with the ISO C++ standardization committee.

More recently Sean has been deeply involved in the ColdFusion community as a speaker at conferences, contributor to mailing lists, and more. Sean lead the team that built using ColdFusion and Flash, it is one of the most trafficked web sites in the world.

You can read more about Sean on his website.

Let's get on to the interview

What …

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Linux Guru?

Joy of Tech is one of the great online cartoons of the web.  Though it's focused primarily on the Mac world, there's often some good Linux and Windows humor like this one, also available as a poster:


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Best of 2003 Blog Entries

A few weeks ago I posted a collection of my best blog entries in 2002, now for 2003:

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New Hostin

Moved Hosts, working on getting my old data from my old host so hopefully we can have that all up and running soon. And also working on a redesign for my site so i'm prolly gonna keep just the blog until that happens we'll see if i get motivated to upload my site later!

Server Monitoring

So about a month ago we put in a new hosting infrastructure and me as the sole admin needed an easy way to monitor and keep an eye on all of my servers and the services and resources of each server.

So after some digging around I found that an application I use to use was now a new application Nagios. Now this application is great, took me about 2 days to set everything up as it is now, but once I found everything i needed it was great. Nagios uses SNMP Protocol to monitor almost anything on your server. It has a very OO configuration allowing you to reach some pretty complex setups. Mine didn't get too complex so i can't speak to all of that but it was pretty easy to setup once I got the hang of it. After I found these two Nagios Plugin pages I knew I was truely in heaven. …

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Neat AJAX SQL Designer

one of my coworkers sent me this link today, haven't had a ton of time to play with it but looks pretty sweet.

WWW SQL Designer

Which is a nice interface to GModeler that Grant Skinner made which runs in flash. Gmodeler seems a little more geared to software architecture than db modeling. Both fun and handy little tools


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