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MySQL - Sun - Flickr - Fotolog - Wikipedia - Facebook - YouTube Comparison - MySQL Conference Day 2 Keynote

Unfortunately I didn't find any available seats to take notes for this but this morning a very interesting keynote took place. Representatives from 7 large companies mentioned in the title gathered on stage and answered various questions by MySQL's Kaj Arno.

These questions included things like "how many MySQL servers do you have", "how many DBAs", etc. It was a lot of fun, hopefully someone (Sheeri) will edit and post the video soon.

Keith has a nice summary of everything that went on together with the numbers here.

Update: Venu has even better notes here.

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MaxDB Wikipedia entry updated

I pushed live the new Wikipedia article on MaxDB.

The majority of the credit for this article goes to ulfw_rss, from the MaxDB group at MySQL

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