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I heart Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager

Jonas just switched me on to Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager - a simple GNOME app that stores a list of SSH tunnels you want and can automatically start and stop them.

Totally useful for those who travel (hrrm.. fair few MySQLers there) and/or always have SSH tunnels to places (hrrm… MySQLers there too).

There’s a debian package up there (and you can build one easily) but it’s not yet in the Ubuntu archive… maybe for the next release. But works fine on edgy for me!

MySQL Bug Deskbar plugin

Over at my junkcode section, I have which is a plugin for the GNOME deskbar panel applet.

If you’ve used Quicksilver on MacOSX, then you know the kind of app that Deskbar Applet is.

This one lets you type “bug 1234″ and be given the action of “open mysql bug 1234″. If you type “edit bug 1234″ it gives you the option of editing that bug number.

We’ll see if this proves useful.

Many thanks to kamstrup (one of the Deskbar developers) on #deskbar on gimpnet for helping me out with the plugin.

I totally heart Deskbar. It’s awesome.

Upgrade to 2.0.2 and stop murderous urges

It’s no great secret that I think the stability of OpenOffice.org2 Impress in what’s shipped in Ubuntu Breezy leaves a lot to be desired. By ‘a lot’ I mean copy and pasting is unreliably and the Slide Sorter just stopped working for me without crashes (in at least one document).

However, I took the plunge and did something I usually don’t like doing - installing non-official debs.

deb breezy-updates/
deb-src breezy-updates/
I am now a much happy camper.

Saving is still amazingly slow, but the lack of crashes has made my week.

doko is my hero for the week. A Tip Of The Hat for him.

Beat on ?state of the dolphin? (or: Why Software is never really ready until a .20 release)

Beat Vontobel blogs about “fuþark: The silence of futhark and the state of the dolphin” which is basically about how he’s found that the 5.0.20 release of MySQL is when the 5.0 release is really starting to shine.

This confirms my theory (that I’ve had for quite a while now… like years) that a software release is never really mature until it hits about .20 (that’s dot twenty, not dot two).

When something reaches .10 (dot ten) it’s no longer going to be annoying for most uses, but .20 means that you’re going to be happy. Don’t ask me really why this is the case, but it is.

Think about the 2.6 kernel (yes, Linux Kernel - honestly, you think i was talking about something else?). At about …

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One Laptop Per Child

There was a request to take a gander at the $100 Laptop: One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), and reading Fedora People recently made me want to snap up the opportunity to give it a go. Here are my first impressions on the emulator, known as the OLPC SDK, by Daniel Berrange.

Installation, if instructions are followed on FC-4 work fine. There are spec files to rebuild for FC-5. During the bootup sequence, I noticed that LVM was starting up, and finding no volume groups - can’t this be disabled? There doesn’t seem to be a use for LVM on the OLPC.

Once you get past the fairly slow emulator startup (its qemu based), you’ll notice that at the heart of it, you’ve got FC-5 sitting there. Very sexy.

Looking for a terminal? While gnome-terminal isn’t supplied (and probably will never be), xterm …

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comments on online documentation

Something that makes me always just go to or for documentation is the user comments. sometimes you just find some real jems that are really worth reading.

It would be great if this somehow could get integrated into the (offline) help system in GNOME could somehow have this stuff integrated. maybe some AJAX foo to fetch comments from the Interweb if you’re connected. So then you get the best of three worlds: good graphical documentation interface, good documentation and user comments to the docs! barely usable

Trying to fiddle with my presentation in OpenOffice.org2 (the version that comes with Ubuntu Breezy).

It’s as buggy as all hell.

At the moment, after pasting in some slides from another presentation (if it doesn’t randomly crash some short time afterwards) I can’t save the file. Really useful.


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