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MySQL 6.2 is GA, but 5.1 is RC and 6.0 is alpha

MySQL’s version numbering is getting harder and harder to understand. In fact, it’s getting surreal.

Let me state up front that there’s probably a lot I don’t know here. But if I don’t know, how on earth can the general public figure it out?

Before we begin, let’s define terms: GA is completely done, ready for use. RC is a release candidate: don’t change anything, just fix bugs because we’re charging towards a release here. Beta is possibly unsafe code, use at your own risk. Alpha is known to have significant bugs, but if you’re curious please play with it.

Now for the releases/versions game. Let’s recap:

  • 5.0 has version numbers that leapfrog each other in features and functionality. SHOW PROFILES — now you see it, now you don’t.
  • 5.1 has been “… released to general …
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Why Postgres is Superior to MySQL Do I really need to say more?

Google thinks I might be a nerd

… I’m almost insulted! Look at this!

entity relationship diagram, ERD, Google, humor

Not a bug: MySQL Connector/J doesn?t make toast

I was just searching for something and found this MySQL bug report:

Other JDBC drivers I have used make toast for breakfast... MySQL Connector/J doesn't make toast, it can only pour a bowl of froot loops...

...Thank you for taking the time to write to us, but this is not a bug... I believe you should look into a device called a \"toaster\" to make your toast.

Kill Dash Nine by Monzy

Was really surprised today when heard really funny rap song about “kill -9″ Unix command:

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