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Dealing with MySQL relay logs when disk space is limited, but the replica is far behind the source

I just encountered the problem described in the title, on a server I don’t have enough free space for create a backup as long the replica is catching up, because the relay logs eats all the available free space as the IO thread works faster than the SQL thread in the replication. What to do? […]

PMM and IAM Roles

I started to use Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) recently because it seems promising, and my friends from Percona always recommending it to try out, and frankly, at first sight, I like it. There are few things which I am not happy about, but mostly I feel OK – but when it comes to the […]

OSX and case-sensitive file system

I am really angry now. A few weeks ago, when I was finished my MySQL backend checker I lost about two hours of work because I wasn’t commit anything to git, but I overwrote the working file with one of my doodle files – which file had the same name but with camel case. I […]

Percona live Dublin – Migrating and living on RDS/Aurora

It was a long time ago so I won’t write about the conference (it was good as always), but at least I share the slides of my talk here.

Connecting PHP to MySQL on Bluemix

Most of the PHP I write runs on Bluemix - it's IBM self-service cloud, and since I work there, they pay for my accounts :) There are a bunch of databases you can use there, mostly open source offerings, and of course with PHP I like to use MySQL. Someone asked me for my connection code since it's a bit tricky to grab the credentials that you need, so here it is. Bluemix Environment Variables

In Bluemix, you can simply create a MySQL database (look for "compose-for-mysql" in the catalog), create a set of credentials, and then bind it to your app. I should blog a few more of my PHP-on-Bluemix tricks but you can run a selection of PHP versions and it's also possible to add extensions that you need, I have found it does have what I need once I figure out how to configure it!

Once the database is bound to the application, then your PHP code running on Bluemix will have an environment variable called VCAP_SERVICES. The …

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Going for Go and Sticking with SQL

Why we’re switching from PHP to Go. Plus, why we’re happy with MySQL. LefT: ElePHPant (Vincent Pontier). Right: Gophers (

At first, we thought that sticking with a familiar language was the responsible thing to do — we’re a small team, already engaged in two adventurous moves: a switch to microservices and a full rebuild of our legacy web application, a high-traffic game platform.

However, in the end we decided to go all the way and dropped PHP for Go. In this post we’ll explain why. We’ll also share some thoughts about databases within our microservices architecture.

Microservices and …

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Rebuilding a Web Platform for 30M Users

We’re redesigning our playground’s tech stack, and we’re sharing our experiences as we go. Lots of fun, a pain to maintain — via RollerCoaster Tycoon/Hasbro

Since I founded Poki, we’ve grown a lot. Every month, tens of millions of players around the world use our platform for easy access to free games. More recently, we’ve launched a publishing service to help game developers succeed on web and mobile.

What once started as a collection of web games is now growing into a platform for play: Poki brings game developers and users together in a sustainable way and gives developers a fair share of gameplay revenue. We’ve only just begun, but we’ve been quick to realize that building a platform means reimagining every aspect of our business.

One such aspect is our codebase: the current version of — currently serving 30 million unique users …

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GNU Parallel and Block Size(s)

I’ve been a fan of GNU Parallel for a while but until recently have only used it occasionally. That’s a shame, because it’s often the simplest solution for quickly solving embarrassingly parallel problems.

My recent usage of it has centered around database export/import operations where I have a file that contains a list of primary keys and need to fetch the matching rows from some number of tables and do something with the data. The database servers are sufficiently powerful that I can run N copies of my script to get the job done far faster (where N is value like 10 or 20).

A typical usage might look like this:

cat ids.txt | parallel -j24 --max-lines=1000 --pipe "bin/  --db live >> {#}.out

However, I recently found myself scratching my head because parallel was only running 3 jobs rather than the 24 I had specified. …

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Google Cloud SQL Second Generation is available

Recently Google announced, that the second generation of Cloud SQL left the beta stage and it is available. I decided to take a look, because last time when I checked it, it looked good, but I couldn’t take it seriously because of the nonexistent SLA. I have a few databases running on Amazon RDS, but […]

Budapest MySQL Meetup

I just created the Budapest MySQL Meetup group. I hope there will be interest for that, the first event is under organising. Check it if you are near Budapest!

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