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Upcoming speaking engagements: Oracle OpenWorld, DOAG Conference
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It's that time of the year again — the summer holidays are over and the conference season starts!

I'm very excited to be at Oracle Open World in San Francisco again, where I will pretty busy. On Saturday and Sunday I will attend MySQL Connect, primarily to man the Oracle Linux booth in the exhibition area. But I hope to catch some of the talks as well (I shared my favourite sessions with Keith Larson from the MySQL team in this interview). During Open World, I will help out manning the Oracle Linux demo pods in the exhibition grounds in Moscone South, where we will showcase Oracle Linux with Ksplice and related

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On my way to LCA2012
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I'm starting the first leg of a literal `round-the-world business trip.

I'm flying from my home in Seattle, via LAX, to Melbourne Australia.  There I will meet up with my friend Stewart Smith, the Director of Engineering at Percona. He is fellow survivor of MySQL & Sun, and a fellow contributor to Drizzle.

Other good friends of mine who are converging on Australia for LCA 2012 are Sarah Novotny, Monty Tayler, and Jacob Applebaum.

Why am I going to Australia?  Geeks into open source who are "in the know" know the Linux.conf.au conference to be one of the best

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Upcoming talks
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Over the last few weeks I had been quite silent, but that's about to change: Over the next few weeks I'll give a few presentations. Feel free to join any of those.

  • January, 18th: Erstellung hochperformanter PHP-Anwendungen mit MySQL (http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/web-seminars/display-680.html) (German)
    MySQL Webinar, Online
  • February, 9th: MySQL Konnectoren (German)
    OTN Developer Day: MySQL, Frankfurt, Germany
  • February 24th/25th: PHP under the hood (English)
    PHP UK Conference, London, UK
OSCON 2011
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This year I'll attend OSCON for the first time. I'll give two talks:

  • PHP and MySQL - Recent Developments
    PHP’s MySQL support recently received many changes under the hood. PHP 5.3 introduced mysqlnd – the MySQL native driver which is a replacement for libmysql deeply bound into PHP. In this presentation you will learn what the PHP and MySQL development teams were up to. After starting with an introduction of the PHP-stack, demystifying things like mysqli, mysqlnd or PDO, this presentation will show you how to build mysqlnd plugins as PHP C extension and hooking into mysqlnd from PHP userland. It will also discuss existing plugins like a client side query cache or a module for doing read-write-splitting, both working transparently, without changes to your application.

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Back in Linux land
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It's been a while since my last post on this blog; I definitely need to get back into the habit! One of the reasons for my radio silence was that I switched roles here at Oracle. After having been with the MySQL team for 9 years, I felt it was time for a change. Fortunately I did not have to look far – I'm now a member of the Oracle Linux product management team and I am having a lot of fun there.

However, I realized that while I was an active Linux user on the desktop, quite a lot has happened on the enterprise and data center side of things. Linux has really come a long way and I am glad to be back in this field, drinking from the firehose and learning a lot about recent developments and technologies. For me, this is kind of going "back to my roots", as I have been deeply involved with Linux at SuSE before I joined MySQL in

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Upcoming speaking engagements: SF MySQL Meetup, FOSDEM, GUUG FFG and COLLABORATE 11
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My calendar is filling up with speaking engagements about MySQL at various events quickly. Here is a list of events for the coming months where I'll be present:

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Back from Lisbon, off to Nuremberg
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Yesterday afternoon I returned from the SAPO CodeBits 2010 conference, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Just like the previous year, CodeBits has been a great conference to be at and I am grateful for having been selected for participation. Thursday, the first conference day was quite a busy one for me — I gave two presentations in a row:

Afterwards, I also participated in a panel discussion about "To SQL or not to

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Learnings from the Philippines
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Learned a few things during my trip to the Philippines this time. Another country that amazes me. For the first time in history, Philippines attracted more foreign direct investments (FDI) than Malaysia, in 2010 (see: Malaysia’s FDI plunge).


There are a lot of people here using prepaid phones as opposed to postpaid phones. This is because the requirements of getting a postpaid account is quite tough (you need bank documents, etc. before they give you an account).

Many people carry more than one phone (or have more than one SIM). Smartphones face an uphill battle – they cost too much and there is generally no operator subsidy because everyone prefers prepaid accounts. It makes economic sense to have more than one SIM,

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Preparing for the MySQL Conference
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Hello from Santa Clara, California! I've arrived here yesterday and am staying with Giuseppe and Jan in the same hotel. Currently, the weather isn't that nice and we're all busy making preparations for the upcoming MySQL conference next week.

I'm fiddling with my slide deck for my talk about "A look into a MySQL DBA's toolchest", realizing that there is such a wealth of great tools that it's unlikely to cover them all in a 45-minute session. But I hope it will give the audience some inspiration about what tools to take a closer look at!

On a related note, I've just reconfigured Planet

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Thoughts about working in a distributed organization
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I've been working in a fully distributed work environment for almost 8 years now (I joined MySQL AB in April, 2002). Therefore I've been reading Toni Schneider's blog post about the "5 reasons why your company should be distributed" with great interest – he raised several points that I fully agree with and which I covered in my talks about "Working for a virtual company - how we do it at MySQL" at last year's next09 conference (slides, video) and at

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Bangkok Unrest
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In celebration of my arrival in Bangkok the opposition party is apparently planning a million person “red shirt” rally. Exciting! On the bright side, “The UDD [United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship] can only afford to keep its protest going for three to five days. If the government has not fallen by that time, it will have to withdraw and draw up a new strategy.” I always pick the best times to travel. (Mom, don’t worry. I’ll stay safe!)

Iceland: An experience
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We planned for a company meeting to be in Iceland, with just about a month’s notice. You can do that, when you’re a fairly small company. Having been back from London during the winter, where it was snowing in the New Year, I was not exactly jumping high to visit Iceland. Ice? Gasp.

It was not exactly easy to get to Iceland: KUL – SIN – FRA – CPH – KEF. Five countries, in a little over a day (would have been about it, had it not been due to a delayed flight from Copenhagen — seemed that the plane was snowed in from Iceland). Upon getting my boarding pass for the last leg, I was asked by the SAS

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Speaking at the MySQL Conference 2010
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I’m a little behind in announcing this but I’m going to be speaking at O’Reilly’s MySQL Conference this year. My presentation is a three hour tutorial titled, Drizzle Storage Engine Development. Practical Example with BlitzDB. Three hours is a long time but I assure you that there will be a break.

This session isn’t solely about going through Drizzle’s Storage Engine API. Various performance topics like B+Tree structure, memory handling and concurrency control will be covered. I will also go through BlitzDB’s design concept and it’s internal stuff. So, needless to say I’ll talk a lot about Tokyo Cabinet and it’s internals as well.

Hopefully those that come along will walk out of the tutorial standing far ahead of the start line. It will

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2010 Percona Training Schedule
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After a nice long vacation, it's time to unveil our destinations for public classes in 2010.  We are now offering a course for Developers as well as DBAs.  The dates are:

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Back from SAPO Codebits in Lisbon - a summary
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Last week, my colleagues Giuseppe, Kai and myself attended the SAPO Codebits event in Lisbon, Portugal. Codebits is an annual, invite-only hacking event, which went on for three days. The venue they chose this year was the "Cordoaria", a former rope factory located in the Belém district, close to the 25 de Abril Bridge (which is an impressive sight!). I have been told that the Cordoaria is the longest building in Portugal and I have no doubts about that! The building is so long that the crew used bicycles to get from one end to the other. I've taken a number of

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MySQL user groups in Dubai and Sydney, on my way to NZ
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In January 2010 I will attend Linux.Conf.Au, which this year is held in Wellington, New Zealand.
It's a long way from Europe to New Zealand, and so I will take a few stops.
On January 13 I will be in Dubai, UAE. If you are around, I would love to organize a MySQL meeting. I haven heard back from the local user group and it seems that a meeting will take place. Stay tuned for more.
On January 15th I will be in Sydney. The organizers are already at work. We will

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My upcoming event schedule for this year
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This time of the year is usually a very busy one, as there are plenty of events and conferences to attend. Just take a look at our calendar of OSS events on the MySQL Forge to see what I mean! Here's a quick summary of the ones that I will attend and speak at until the end of this year:

On November 14-15, I'll attend the openSQL Camp in Portland (OR), USA. I missed the first one that took place in Charlottesville (VA) in 2008, but had a lot of fun organizing the European Edition earlier this year. The upcoming one will be more like an

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Speaking at Highload.ru
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This is a quick announcement to say that I'll be speaking at HighLoad++ this year (October 12-14 in Moscow).  I'll be presenting on a few topics:

  • MySQL Performance Tuning (Conference Session)
  • Quick Wins with Third Party Patches for MySQL (Conference Session)
  • Performance Optimization for MySQL with InnoDB and XtraDB * (Full day class)

This will mark my first trip to Russia - and oh boy am I excited.  I'm taking a few days vacation after so I can tour around Saint Petersburg.  Want to say hello?  Let me know at morgan-at-percona-dot-com!

* Yes, this is the same as our InnoDB

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Off to California!
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Today's the day I fly to Los Angeles to teach a private training class, en route to Santa Clara/San Francisco for our public training workshops next week.

Our Montreal practice teach at Station-C went great - it was an opportunity to do a road test and iron out any kinks in the delivery.

What did I learn in the process?

  • Solid examples provide context.  I didn't have the best SHOW GLOBAL STATUS data for the practice teach, but I've edited my slides and our official classes will have much better information.
  • Operational issues are one of the most important things people want to hear more information on.  A fair number of students know that dropping an index is not as painless as it should be, but not everyone
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Upcoming events: PHP Unconference and openSUSE Conference
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The summer break seems to be over and the event season is heating up again! There is a number of conferences and events coming up in the next months — here is a quick summary of the events that I plan to attend.

This Friday I will attend an event here in Hamburg: the "Silpion Sommerfest", organized by Silpion (a local IT solutions provider which is a partner of Sun Microsystems as well). I will be there to network and talk about MySQL.

This coming weekend (2009-09-12/2009-09-13), there will be the PHP Unconference here in Hamburg, Germany . It will

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Leaving MySQL (Not Really)
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I’ve been a bit slack about writing my MySQL thoughts of late. This would be caused by the fact that, as I write this, I’m now one week into a 12 month leave of absence from MySQL.

Having given it much careful consideration, I’ve decided that the wisest way to survive the current economic problems is by blowing my savings on a year long holiday in Italy. Wait, did I say holiday? Not really. I’m still a Sun employee, and I’m still going to be active in the MySQL community. My dear support customers just won’t be seeing me around for a while.

I’m looking forward to having time to write more extensively about some of the cool things we’re doing, and what’s going on in the community at large. If there’s anything you’d like to

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Joining Ulf for the PHP BBQ Tour through Germany (June 15th-21st)
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Just a short announcement: I am going to join Ulf for his PHP Barbeque Tour across Germany, which will take place between June 15th until the 21st. We will start in the south of Germany and will work our way up north in one week, stopping by at various cities in Germany to enjoy a barbecue with local PHP User Groups and to talk about PHP (of course), MySQL, Open Source, The Web and anything else. We've set up a Wiki page that outlines the various stations of our journey. At the Moment, we will visit the following cities:
  • Monday, 15th: Munich
  • Tuesday, 16th: Frankfurt
  • Wednesday, 17th: Karlsruhe
  • Thursday, 18th: Berlin
  • Friday,

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What I have been doing lately in slides, pictures and videos
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I just realized that I haven't blogged for more than a month! Shame on me. But I will blame it on being away on conferences and vacation for quite some time And if you are following me on twitter, you may have noticed what I was going on in my life and that I did't get hit by a bus...

So what was going on since I returned back home from the MySQL Conference? First off, I uploaded und sorted my pictures from the conference and the Drizzle developer day on Flickr. I also uploaded the slides (PDF) from Colin and myself speaking about

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Presenting and blogging in Chinese
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Travelling to Hongkong and Taipei has made such an impression on me, that I couldn’t help but add two new blogs to my homepage kaj.arno.fi:

Guanxi means “relations”, as in “Community Relations”. It’s also a very common word describing how to get things done in China. It even has its

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Fun times at MySQL UC and Drizzle Developer Day 09
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I’m writing this entry on my way back to Tokyo from Narita. So, I was in the US all week for MySQL UC, Percona Performance Conference and the Drizzle Developer Day. It was great to meet new people and also catch up with developer friends from all over the world. These events are great excuse to bring together folks that work together online and receive the free beers that were promised on IRC. Looking back, the week just flew! I can’t believe I’m back in Japan already.

What wasn’t pleasant however was Drizzle being introduced as “MySQL Drizzle” and described as MySQL’s technology incubator at the opening keynote. The truth is, Drizzle is a community driven project that is not affiliated with any

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Made it to Santa Clara, ready for the MySQL Conference!
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Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara
Originally uploaded by Lenz Grimmer

After a long and uneventful flight from HAM to SFO via FRA, I arrived safely in Santa Clara yesterday. Today we spent the day in San Francisco, for some sightseeing (Downtown, Chinatown, Pier 39 and Fishermen's Wharf) and a bit of shopping. It was a very nice and sunny day, the sunlight helped a lot with getting over the jetlag for a while.

But now I'm pretty tired - I look forward to meeting friends, colleagues

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Hyatt Internet woes… and how to fix it
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Coming to the Hyatt Santa Clara, for the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009? Beware, that this year, the in-room Internet just isn’t so peachy.

When you check in, there’s this option of a “Business Plan” that Hyatt sells you - USD$30, for free wired in-room Internet (a $12.95/day value), free breakfast (this includes 15% gratuity, so a $20+ value), a free bottle of water (yes, otherwise its $3.95), and all the local and long distance calls in the US that you’ll need (depending on what you do, YMMV). It seemed like a good deal.

Now, for the benefit of others, which has taken about four days for me to fix. When you’re on this plan, the Hyatt rebates your Internet within an hour or so of you signing up for the deal. This tells their ISP that you’re now not

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Back from Solutions Linux 2009 in Paris, France
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On early Tuesday morning, I made a quick trip to Paris, France, to attend and speak at the Solutions Linux / Open Source 2009 Conference. I've never been to this conference before and was quite surprised about its size - it's actually the largest Open Source event in France and it reminded me a lot of LinuxTag in Germany. Many well-known vendors (e.g. Sun, Novell, Canonical, Bull, etc.) were exhibiting. The also was a large "DotOrg" section for various Open Source projects and I was very happy to see that LeMUG.fr, the official MySQL User Group of France, had a table there, too! A big Thank You goes to Pascal Borghino, who manned that table on his own most

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Speaking at phpDay in Verona, Italy (May 15-16)
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My travel schedule is getting quite crowded for the next months - I just received confirmation that I will be speaking at the phpDay in Verona, Italy on May 15-16th. I'll be talking about bzr - The Bazaar source revision control system as well as MySQL Backup and Security - Best practices in the developer track of the conference. I've never been to Verona, but it seems like it's a beautiful city. I look forward to being there!

MySQL Campus Tour 2009 — aka Dups on Rails
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Tomorrow, The Big Trek starts. Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana will spend the time from then on until the MySQL Conference and Expo starts travelling by rail and bus all the way from home in Montreal to California. Hence the name “Dups on Rails”. The purpose of the Big Trek is to talk about MySQL in Canadian and US universities. He’ll also arrange MySQL Meetups and go on customer visits, as people ping him.

Towards the end of the trip, as we get closer to the User Conference, Dups won’t be alone. His alter ego Colin Charles (yes, people do mix up Dups and Colin) will join him from 13 April onwards in Northern California. And at the same time, a parallel trek is started by

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