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Twitter bug found!
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Some days ago while I’m looking for what are saying about a server down I found a twitter bug:

Is not a big deal, to repeat this bug you must follow these steps:

1. Find any term, in this case “” then in results looking for a word that have the search term as a part of them (ex and select the a part or entire word:

2. Press Ctrl + C,  some HTML codes appear from nowhere:

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Rewind 2011 & Happy New Year 2012
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Firstly I want to say sorry to my blog readers because I didn’t publish much article about facebook app development in 2011. Because I was very busy for my job, life and honestly said I was not an active facebook web developer in 2011. In computer science algorithm and data structure subject we learned “Time space trade off”. That means if you need faster solution you’ve to use more space and vice versa. This is happened in our life also. If you invest some time in a work you definitely have to  leave some time in other works. …

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What have I been up to lately?
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Despite my best intentions, I haven't posted on this blog for a while, which is a shame! I've become busy writing on so many other places since I moved into my new role in the Oracle Linux product management team in April. I've learned a lot and I am feeling quite at home here! The team is excellent and very nice to work with — I am slowly getting the "Big Picture".

But even though I've been neglecting this blog, there are a lot of things that are publicly visible and document some of my activites:

I've created two podcasts for the …

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Beginning of my career
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After long days I’m writing this post. Though my blog is very popular for facebook related tutorials, but this is not anything related to facebook or php. This is about me and beginning of my career.

I think every programmer should learn different languages and work in different platforms. You can ask me why? If you work on PHP backend development for 5 years, you will become an experienced guy and will earn better income.

So why you’ll invest your time for other language and other platform?
Because it will give you a good taste of programming and you’ll enjoy …

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Trocha otevřenosti od SOZA
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Picture taken from under the terms of CC-BY-NC-SA

Pro ty co nesledují dění na internetu pozorně, lehká rekapitulace. SOZA z nadpisu a zbytku postu je Slovenský Ochranný Zvaz Autorský, obdoba českého OSA. Poslední dobou se na Slovensku množily případy, kdy se SOZA domáhala výpalného za embedded youtube videa. Pokuta kterou SOZA vyhrožovala činila 99.60 Eur. SOZA nabídla způsob jak se pokutě vyhnout. Stačí si …

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Back in Linux land
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It's been a while since my last post on this blog; I definitely need to get back into the habit! One of the reasons for my radio silence was that I switched roles here at Oracle. After having been with the MySQL team for 9 years, I felt it was time for a change. Fortunately I did not have to look far – I'm now a member of the Oracle Linux product management team and I am having a lot of fun there.

However, I realized that while I was an active Linux user on the desktop, quite a lot has happened on the enterprise and data center side of things. Linux has really come a long way and I am glad to be back in …

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5th anniversary working for MySQL
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On May 17, 2006 – exactly 5 years ago – I started my new job as web developer at MySQL AB.

Since then I closed 3,049 web requests, worked with 9 colleagues in the web team, had 4 direct managers, attended the MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara, CA 4 times (2006-2009, although in 2006 I wasn’t an employee yet, but that was when I got hired, so lets count it) and one all-company meeting in Orlando, FL and went through 2 acquisitions: in 2008 to Sun Microsystems and in 2010 to Oracle.

Time to say thank you to all the great people who I had the pleasure to work with during these 5 years!

Reflections on MySQL conference - Part III: My own activities
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To round off my memoirs from the MySQL conference 2011, I'll just write down for the historical record my own activities.

MySQL awards

With the community picking up tasks that used to be handled by MySQL AB, it somehow has fallen on my lap to drive the selection of winners for the annual MySQL awards. This was the second year we did it and we have settled on a format where the winners are chosen by a community panel consisting of 2 previous years winners, plus the conference chair(s). I think having the community nominating and voting the winners have brought forward some truly deserving and sometimes also surprising …

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Collection of my thoughts, quotes, (bad) jokes..
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A collection of thoughts, quotes, jokes, .. which I posted as status updates on Facebook. My favorites are bold (no pun intended).

They say sucking is a newborn instinct we forget; some people, however, keep sucking their whole lives.

Love has the symbol ♡; what symbol would hate have?

Putting MySQL Cluster on virtual machines and expect it to behave.

If only my wallet was as big as my heart..

If you dwell long enough in shit, you forget it stinks.

A System that is not Intuitive is not a System.

Sometimes it’s better to wait for the fire to see how to …

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Back to work: 1st week as Senior Performance Architect at Nokia
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As some Facebook friends already guessed from my status updates this week, my 9 month paternity leave is now over and I've survived my first week back in work life, waking up at seven in the morning! This is just a personal-life blog post to let everyone know what I'm up to, (For those asking: Ebba is doing fine, she recently started to stand up and even takes steps if I hold her hands.)

During the past months I had many interesting conversations and ideas of what to do next, but in the end Nokia was the company standing out with a very interesting …

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