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MariaDB moves development to Github
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Today marks a milestone in terms of the MariaDB project – going forward, the MariaDB project plans to use Github and git for source code management. The migration happens from Launchpad and the bzr tool.

The 10.1 server development (under heavy development now) will happen on Github. You can check it out here: https://github.com/MariaDB/server. Feel free to watch, star or even fork the code, and send us contributions!

Previous maria-captains should now provide their Github IDs so that they can be accorded similar status. Send the IDs to the maria-developers mailing list.

The project eventually wants to move the 10.0, 5.5, 5.3, 5.2, and

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Jenkins Bazaar plugin 1.19
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I recently released a new version of the Bazaar plugin for Jenkins. This release was inspired by a problem we noticed at Percona. It is:

  • run “bzr revert” after a pull, as if you have a directory that is removed and re-added while having unknown files in said directory (e.g. build artifacts), you would end up in a very bad place (this is a BZR bug, so we work-around it with a “bzr revert”).

The update has already appeared in the Jenkins update centre, so you should already be able to upgrade to it.

New Jenkins Bazaar plugin release! 1.18
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From the desk of your new Bazaar plugin for Jenkins maintainer, I give you Version 1.18.

This release has two good bug fixes:

  • UI fix for checkout option (JENKINS-12261)
  • Auto-recover from corrupt BZR branches (e.g. bzr branch/checkout killed at inopportune moment) by cleaning the workspace and trying again (this is now default behaviour, best used with the Jenkins SCM retry count feature being > 1)

We’ve been running the same code as this release at Percona for about 2 months now (the second bugfix was one I wanted to test first before submitting upstream). This is the big fix that fixed all our problems with using bazaar with Jenkins in a large deployment.

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Hacking the Jenkins BZR plugin
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For Drizzle and for all of the projects we work on at Percona we use the Bazaar revision control system (largely because it’s what we were using at MySQL and it’s what MySQL still uses). We also use Jenkins.

We have a lot of jobs in our Jenkins. A lot. We build upstream MySQL 5.1, 5.5 and 5.6, Percona Server 5.1, Percona Server 5.5, XtraBackup 1.6, 2.0 and 2.1. For each of these we also have the normal trunk builds as well as parameterised ones that allow a developer to test out a tree before they ask for it to be merged. We also have each of these products across seven operating systems and for each of those both x86 32bit and 64bit. If we weren’t already in the

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How to Build MySQL 5.5 from Source Code on Windows
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Not counting obtaining the source code, and once you have the prerequisites satisfied, [Windows] users can build from source code in 5 easy steps.

Prerequisites – Install & ensure they are in the $PATH:

  • CMake Download
  • C++ compiler Free Download
  • Bison Download (ensure m4.exe is also included, which it should be)

    Optional (but most likely you’ll want):

  • Perl Strawberry Perl is a great option.
  • Bazaar source tree

    Tip: Install these in locations where spaces are not in the path. Specifically, watch for the Bison/m4 as there is a known bug with regards to that.


    Now that that’s out of the way, we can begin. You just need to decide if you want to build from

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    Protocol, the GPL, and how Bazaar can help
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    Mark Callaghan asks Can a protocol be GPL?, after finding a disturbing comment in a source file:
    Any re-implementations of this protocol must also be under GPL, unless one has got an license from MySQL AB stating otherwise.

    I recall talking with one of the company lawyers about this matter, and he assured me that the GPL can't be used for a protocol, and that's why this notice was dropped from MySQL.com site a few years ago, even before the Sun acquisition.
    This is thus an embarrassing piece of ancient history (which will hopefully

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    451 CAOS Links 2009.12.11
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    Sun updates Java platform. Red Hat open sources SPICE. And more.

    Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

    # Sun has released Java Platform EE 6, Glassfish 3, and NetBeans 6.8.

    # Red Hat released its SPICE hosted virtual desktop protocol as open

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    MySAR: A sar-like Utility for MySQL
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    Why a New Utility?

    A couple of months back, Tim Procter, Sheeri Cabral and I were discussing about how best to diagnose a MySQL server and/or tune its performance, automating the process as much as possible. The Performance Advisors from MySQL Enterprise (http://www.mysql.com/products/enterprise/) do this, but most of our customers don’t have a subscription and Pythian’s collective experience is not necessary reflected by its rules.

    In our daily work, we have used Major Heyden’s MySQL Tuner, Mark Leith’s Statpack and our own tools to review a MySQL server configuration parameters. However, all of these tools had limitations in regards of what we wanted to achieve. Our major

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    451 CAOS Links 2009.06.30
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    Governments. Governance. Customers wins. And more.

    Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory
    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    The Examiner provided a two part interview with Daniel Risascher, Office of the CIO, Department of Defense, on open source at the DoD, while Government Technology Magazine reported on how open source software and cloud computing can save government money. Similarly, The UK Conservative party delivered a paper on the future of open standards, open source, SOA and cloud for UK Government, while it was reported that Vienna to teach its public servants

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    Modular vs Integrated
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    There’s actually no single “correct” answer! It all depends on

  • where in a stack the component lives;
  • the state of the market for that component region;
  • sometimes even geographic location of the user comes into play.
  • Yes, for OSS projects modularity is handy in terms of handling contributions, but modularity may not be the best way to deal with a problem in a certain market state and situation!

    Research has shown (see, for example, “The Innovator’s Solution” by Clayton Christensen) that the “integrated” region over time actually shifts to a subcomponent of an original integrated component that has since gone modular. An interesting example of this for MySQL its pluggable storage engine interface since version 5.1. MySQL is more modular now, but individual storage engines are tightly integrated for performance

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    OpenSolaris, Bazaar and SSH
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    Just a small tip for using Bazaar on OpenSolaris: set the BZR_SSH environment variable to openssh if you don't have the Python module Paramiko installed.
    For example, in your ~/.bashrc:

    export BZR_SSH=openssh

    Could be useful if you're pulling MySQL (http://www.mysql.com/) stuff from Launchpad and use (Open)Solaris. Could also be useful on other Unix-like operating systems when the default is missing (Bazaar uses Paramiko as default).
    A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad.net and Bazaar Slides
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    Today at the Riga Sun Database Group Developer Meeting, I'm giving a MySQL University session about using Launchpad.net and Bazaar for Contributors. Below, I've posted links to the slides.

    A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad and Bazaar

      Open Office Impress slides
      PDF slides

    Topics included in the slides:

    • Getting started on Launchpad
    • Various features of Launchpad

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    Advanced Bazaar for MySQL developers
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    Guilhem Bichot has written an excellent article on Advanced Bazaar for MySQL Developers. In addition of showing the most common Bazaar operations for developers, Guilhem shows how to create a new feature and submit it for review to MySQL.

    The article is an practical introduction to Bazaar's advanced features. After the basics, magnificently covered by Daniel Fischer a few weeks ago, this article explains how to perform high level development operations with Bazaar.
    Bravo Guilhem!
    Launchpad improvements
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    Launchpad, the development framework created by Canonical, is under constant development.
    If you have never used it, have a look at Jay's getting started and code management articles about it. If you know it already, you may be pleased to know that Launchpad has a countinuous edge beta testing

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    Enabling and Fixing Drizzle Test Cases
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    When Brian began the work on refactoring the MySQL 6.0 Server source code into what has now become the Drizzle Project, a number of code pieces were removed, including some major MySQL functionality such as stored procedures, server-side prepared statements, SQL Mode, some legacy code, and a variety of data types. The goal, of course, was to reduce the server code base down to a more streamlined and eventually modular kernel.

    Of course, that vision is great, but it's got some side effects! One of those side effects is a dramatic reduction in the number of test cases that pass the test suite in their current form, and an increase in the number of tests that have been disabled. I re-enabled and fixed a few tests yesterday, but as of this writing, there are only 54 of

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    MySQL and Drizzle Developers: Upgrade to Bazaar 1.6.1 Now
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    Attention MySQL engineers and Drizzle contributors: upgrade to Bazaar 1.6.1 now to get some fairly massive performance speedups for bzr branch commands. As I noted in my last article on Launchpad code management, Bazaar 1.5 was having some performance issues when branching large project trees such as MySQL. In the article, I showed it was taking Bazaar 1.5 91 minutes to do the initial branch. With John Arbash Meinel's performance patches, the time to branch was cut down to 23 minutes, which is a fantastic improvement.

    Ubuntu users: grab the 1.6.1 Bazaar package for your Ubuntu version from the Launchpad.net Bazaar Project Package Archive.

    Mac OSX users:: grab the

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    Huge Performance Improvement for Bazaar Coming Soon
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    In writing my last article, I mentioned working with John Arbash Meinel, one of the lead developers of Bazaar, in attempting to diagnose and fix the performance bottlenecks apparent in using Bazaar with larger, history-rich projects like the MySQL Server. Well, after running some tests and building a custom branch of Bazaar that John pointed me to, I am happy to tell you that help is just around the corner. In my last article, you saw that doing a bzr branch lp:mysql-server took 91 minutes. This was a significant barrier to entry, I recognize. So, I think you'll be happy to see the results below, taken yesterday using John's patched-up Bazaar branch:

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    A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad.net - Part 2 - Code Management
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    In this second part of my Launchpad guidebook series, I'll be covering the code management and repository features of Launchpad.net. If you missed the first part of my series, go check it out and get established on Launchpad.net. Then pop back to this article to dive into the magic of http://code.launchpad.net. In this article, we'll cover the following aspects of the code management pieces of Launchpad:

    • The Structure of Project Source Code on Launchpad.net
    • Pulling Code into a Local Repository
    • Creating a Local Working Branch for Bug Fixing
    • Pushing Code to Launchpad
    • Notifying a Merge Captain of Your Code Pushes
    • Keeping
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    A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad.net - Part 1 - Getting Started
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    This post is the first in a series of articles which serves to highlight the services of the Launchpad platform which hosts the MySQL Server, MySQL Forge, MySQL Sandbox and Drizzle Server projects. I will be walking you through the various pieces of the platform and provide examples of using each of the services. I will cover in depth the source code management services which all three projects now rely upon. The code management services are the critical piece of the development platform. In addition, I will show you how to use the Blueprints, Bugs, Answers and Translations services that many MySQL ecosystem projects,

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    MySQL, “what if”, and the drizzle project
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    Looks like drizzle is announced now. I’ve spent a bit of time after work and on lunch breaks helping out here and there, and I’m excited about working on a database project again. Why am I working on the project? Average time from when I write a patch to when it goes into the tree has been measured in minutes, not in hours/days/weeks/months. Yes, I’m running the test suite first. Yes, I’m getting another person to review the code first. This is an example of how adding people to a project can slow it down, and how getting out of the way of the engineers can have amazing results. We set up bug tracker, code hosting, team organization, package build system,

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    The vocabulary of open source development models
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    James Dixon has given the thumbs-up to my stretching his Bee Keeper analogy to explain open source development models (which is nice) and in doing so has suggested a new term to help quickly explain the difference between vendor- and community- dominated development projects.

    The debate about the difference between the two approaches, and the language used to describe them, has been simmering for some time. For some background on it, and an explanation about why it matters, see Ted Ts’o’s

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    Hidden jewels in MySQL Bazaar trees
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    If you have followed the steps to get From Bazaar To Sandboxes In 5 Moves, you will have now the current MySQL versions in your disk. But what if you need some older versions?

    According to MySQL lifecycle policy (http://www.mysql.com/about/legal/lifecycle/), MySQL 3.23 and 4.0 are not supported anymore, and you won't find their binaries in MySQL download pages. However, the source code is still published, as it must, to comply with the GPL.

    Where is it? The code for MySQL old versions is contained in every newer version. The only information you need to branch it is the name of the tag for that specific version. For that, we ask Bazaar itself.

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    MySQL opens to Bazaar
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    Today MySQL announced that it has switched from its previous RCS to Bazaar with its web associated Launchpad.

    The move intends to facilitate contributions by the community.

    There is much excitement at Canonical, the company that supports Bazaar. And if you want to see a really happy man, check Elliot Murphy's blog.

    A popular question is "Why not mercurial?", to which Kaj

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    MySQL converts to Bazaar, and why it matters
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    There is some very big news going around that internet thing today: MySQL has switched from Bitkeeper to Bazaar. I wrote up a quick post on the Canonical blog about the same thing, and Giussepe Maxia has a nice technical post about how to get started working with the new system.

    Here’s an excerpt from a mail I just sent to an internal Canonical list:

    Bazaar and Launchpad are truly tools that matter, from a historical and social perspective. MySQL and other open source software run a huge percentage of the internet, and these tools preserve and enrich the body of knowledge that is in the public commons, knowledge that

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    is twitter an important tool for feedback on open source software projects?
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    And here we are, my second post in which I mention twitter, and wonder aloud what open source software projects should be doing with twitter. I don’t have any well-formed thoughts to foist on you, but I’ll tell you about an experiment I’ve been doing. Last week I started using summize.com to search for conversations about bzr. I did the same thing for ubuntu and for git, but only really stuck with the bzr stream. It’s been interesting to see what people are talking about, I’ve tried chiming in with suggestions when I can or asking for further details when people complain. I think what is so fascinating to me about this is that I’m finding a whole lot of conversations that aren’t at the level of a ranting blog post but are encouraging or thought-provoking feedback nonetheless.

    I also

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