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MariaDB 10 is a Sandbox killjoy?
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Using MySQL Sandbox I can install multiple instances of MySQL. It is not uncommon for me to run 5 or 6 instances at once, and in some occasions, I get to have even 10 of them. It is usually not a problem. But today I had an issue while testing MariaDB, for which I needed 5 instances, and I the installation failed after the 4th one. To make sure that the host could run that many servers, I tried installing 10 instances of MySQL 5.6 and 5.7. All at once, for a grand total of 20 instances:

$ make_multiple_sandbox --how_many_nodes=10 5.6.14
installing node 1
installing node 2
installing node 3
installing node 4
installing node 5
installing node 6
installing node 7
installing node 8
installing node 9
installing node 10
group directory installed in

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Speaking at the MySQL NoSQL & Cloud Conference & Expo in Buenos Aires
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I am on my way to Argentina, where I will be speaking at the MySQL NoSQL & Cloud Conference & Expo.

I have two talks: one on my pet project MySQL Sandbox and one on replication between MySQL and MongoDB (using another project dear to me, Tungsten Replicator.

It’s my first visit to Argentina and I will try to look around a bit before the conference. And I look forward to see many ex colleagues and well known speakers at the conference. The lineup includes speakers from Percona, EffectiveMySQL, PalominoDB, MariaDB, SkySQL, Tokutek, and OpenStack.

I am looking forward to this trip. My presentation on MongoDB replication is a first for me, and I am always pleased when I can break new ground. I have the

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RFC - DBdeployer : Bringing MySQL Sandbox to a new level
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MySQL Sandbox is growing old

The MySQL Sandbox project has been around for 8 years, and it has gained considerable attention from the community. I have seen it mentioned in books and articles, used in other projects, and widely adopted by testers and bug reporters.
I have used it for more than testing, and it has saved me many hours of labor by allowing me to create database servers in a few seconds.
Yet, I have gathered a long list of grievance about it, both from my own experience and from other users feedback. Here goes.

  • MySQL Sandbox is not

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MySQL Sandbox supports latest MySQL releases, has more metadata and docs
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MySQL Sandbox has been updated again. The latest version is 3.0.38, which was just released. There were four releases in the space of one week, and this last one is just a polished edition.

Cherry-picking from the Change log:

  • Added option --bind_address to complement the effects of --remote_access;
  • The script 'enable_gtid' (for MySQL 5.6 +) now is durable. Previously the changes did not survive a restart.
  • Now you can install MariaDB with its bizarre version '10.0'
  • It also works well with MySQL 5.7. A bug prevented the creation of 'enable_gtid', but it is

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Provisioning an Oracle slave using Tungsten and MySQL Sandbox
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A few years ago, I used MySQL Sandbox to filter binary logs. While that one was a theoretical case, recently I came across a very practical case where we needed to provision an Oracle database, which is the designated slave of a MySQL master.

In this particular case, we needed to provision the Oracle slave with some auditing features in place. Therefore, mass load functions were not considered. What we needed was the contents of the MySQL database as binary rows i.e. the same format used for row-based replication.

To achieve the purpose as quickly and as painlessly as we could, I thought to employ the services of a MySQL Sandbox. The flow of information would be like this:

  • Install a sandbox, using the same version and
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    MySQL Sandbox as a riddle
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    Shlomi Noach is the next chairman of the Percona Live 2013. As such, he has opened the preview of the conference by posting some talks of interests, which includes a riddle to win a free pass.

    The riddle went unanswered, and Shlomi submitted it also to members of the review committee, getting only blank stares, including mine.

    Who will open your present,
    Make you play pleasant,
    Tidy your mess,
    Do the same for all else?

    Wanting to give away the pass at all costs, Shlomi then published a new post,

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    MySQL Sandbox 3.0.30 - now adapted to work with 5.5.30 and 5.6.10
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    The latest releases of MySQL Sandbox, in addition to deal with minor bugs, have mostly been necessary because of compatibility issues in MySQL, both 5.5 and 5.6.

    When I found that MySQL 5.6 has some InnoDB tables inside the 'mysql' schema, I had to change the way that the sandbox used to remove all contents (the ./clear command.)

    To achieve a smooth clean up, MySQL Sandbox now performs a dump of the mysql schema, and uses that saved data to restore the schema after a complete wipeout.

    Unfortunately, when 5.5.30 was released, this operation resulted in a warning, due to a behavioral change.

    After a careful change, and about 1200 unit tests, the latest version of MySQL Sandbox should work well with every MySQL release from 5.0 to 5.6.

    Easily testing MySQL 5.6 GTID in a sandbox
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    MySQL 5.6 seems to be ready for GA. I have no inside information about it, but from some clues collected in various places I feel that the release should not be far away. Thus, it's time for some serious testing, and for that purpose I have worked at updating MySQL Sandbox with some urgent features.

    I have just released MySQL Sandbox 3.0.28, with more support for MySQL 5.6. Notably in this release, there is suppression of MySQL 5.6 annoying verbosity, additional suppression of more annoying warnings ( actually a bug) when using empty passwords

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    MySQL Sandbox updated with minimal support for MySQL 5.6.7
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    One of the surprises of MySQL 5.6 was that the mysql.host table was missing. How did I realize it? Because make_sandbox, the basic installation brick of MySQL Sandbox failed to complete. What happened is that MySQL Sandbox, before claiming success, checks if some key elements are available. One of such elements is the 'host' table, which, unbeknown to me, had been deprecated, and was eventually removed in yesterday's release. As a result, installation of MySQL 5.6.7 fails.

    The fix is quite easy, and I released it today. It is available in MySQL Sandbox 3.0.26, which you can get from Launchpad and CPAN.

    This fix is minimal because it barely allows you to install MySQL 5.6. However,

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    Some lessons from MySQL Conference 2012
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    The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012 is over. Together with the SkySQL solutions day, it has kept me occupied for 4 full days, from early morning to late at night.

    I have to say that I am pleased. The quality of the organization was very high, with a very good lineup of speakers and an excellent technical support.

    As usual, I have learned a lot during this week, either directly, by attending talks, or indirectly, by meeting people who told me what was juicy at the talks that I had missed. And I have met new interesting people, and caught up with the people that I know already.

    This conference was particularly intense also because I got myself involved in 5 talks, which was probably more than I should have. How did

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    Backup your sandbox with XtraBackup
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    Today I tried to make incremental backups of a MariaDB instance in a MySQL sandbox with Percona XtraBackup.
    I used the recently released XtraBackup 2.0. And of course there is documentation about making incremental backups. 

    MySQL sandbox makes it easy to run many different MySQL versions on one machine. It does this by changing the port number, data directory, UNIX socket location and a whole lot more.

    So I first started with a full backup and after that I used that backup as a base for the incremental backups. To do that I had to specify the port number which is 5522 and the username and password for the msandbox account.

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    MySQL Sandbox at the OTN MySQL Developers day in Paris, March 21st
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    On March 21st I will be in Paris, to attend the OTN MySQL Developers Day. Oracle is organizing these events all over the world, and although the majority are in the US, some of them are touching the good old European continent. Previous events were an all-Oracle show. Recently, the MySQL Community team has been asking for cooperation from the community, and in such capacity I am also presenting at the event, on the topic of testing early releases of MySQL in a sandbox. Of course, this is one of my favorite topics, but it is quite appropriate in this period, when Oracle has released a whole lot of preview features in its MySQL Labs. Which is another favorite topic of mine, since I was the one who  [Read more...]
    Tungsten 2.0.5 with more power and ease of use
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    Tungsten Replicator 2.0.5 was released this week-end. The release notes have quite a long list of bug fixes. Thanks to all the ones who have submitted bug reports, and fixes! There are a couple of new features as well. The replicator includes now a slave prefetch service. Unlike parallel replication, this feature works fine with a single database, and provides performance improvements that in many cases solve the slave lagging problems. This was a bitch of a feature to get right. Many have tried it, many have experienced various degrees of success, and several failures. We started with the bold assertiveness of the brave after an exciting talk at  [Read more...]
    Testing new builds with MySQL-Sandbox 3.0.24
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    MySQL::Sandbox 3.0.24 was released yesterday, with many new features.

    More than vanilla MySQL

    If you have missed my previous announcement, here's the gist of it. MySQL Sandbox can now deal with tarballs from either Percona Server or MariaDB. The main difference after this change is that you can now create a directory called <PREFIX>5.5.16 and make_sandbox will recognize it as well as the plain 5.5.16.
    $ make_sandbox --export_binaries --add_prefix=ps \
    Percona-Server-5.5.11-rel20.2-114.Darwin.i386.tar.gz \
    -- --sandbox_directory=msb_ps5_5_11

    unpacking Percona-Server-5.5.11-rel20.2-114.Darwin.i386.tar.gz

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    Tungsten Replicator and MySQL Sandbox at Percona Live London 2011
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    I will be a speaker at Percona Live - London 2011, and I am looking forward to the event, which is packed with great content. A whopping 40 session of MySQL content, plus 3 keynotes and 14 tutorials. It's enough to keep every MySQL enthusiast busy. Continuent speakers will be particularly busy, as between me and Robert Hodges, we will be on stage four times on Tuesday, October 25th.   [Read more...]
    Getting started with Tungsten Replicator and Tungsten Sandbox
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    We have been busy, at Continuent. In addition to our usual work with high performance replication, we have addressed usability issues, since we know that a hard-to-use problem, no matter how powerful, has low adoption. Thus, is with some personal satisfaction that I can announce the release of Tungsten Replicator 2.0.3, which comes with several huge improvements in matter of user friendliness. The new installation procedure is so user friendly, in fact, that I was able to build a sophisticated tungsten-sandbox with a  [Read more...]
    Replication and sandbox talks on the road - San Francisco, Santa Clara, Orlando
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    In a few weeks, I will be on the road, for an intense set of presentations in the USA.

    San Francisco, April 7th

    I will start the tour at the San Francisco MySQL User Group. On April 7, at 6pm I will talk about Advanced MySQL replication for the masses. This talk will explore topics such as bi-directional replication, multiple sources, parallel replication, seamless failover, with the help of Tungsten replicator.

    Santa Clara, April 11, 12

    The MySQL conference starts on Monday, April 11th, with several three-hour tutorials.
    • April 11, 9:00am

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    A first look at delayed replication in MySQL 5.6
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    If you like fresh features, you should not miss this one. MySQL 5.6.2 includes, among other improvements, the implementation of Time delayed replication, a feature that lets you tell the slave not to apply changes from the master immediately, but to wait N seconds.The feature is documented in WL#344. (There was a manual online as well together with the binaries for MySQL 5.6.0, but they were removed after a few days for a good reason. I am confident that both the manual and some binaries will eventually show up soon).
    Since as of today there are no binaries
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    Filtering binary logs with MySQL Sandbox and replication
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    A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I knew of a way of filtering a bunch of binary logs, to extract only statements related to a single table. The task was about filtering a few hundred binary log files.

    It's a tricky problem. Even with my experience with regular expressions, I knew that using a script to extract statements related to a single table was going to be a nasty business.
    However, I know of an entity that can filter by table name efficiently, and that's the MySQL replication system. So I suggested using replication to a sandbox with a replicate-wild-do-table statement to get the job done.
    My friend was skeptical and did not want to go that way. I was busy writing an article for an Italian magazine and did not follow up immediately. But today, with the article safely in the editor's hands, I did a quick test, and guess what? It works!

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    Testing MySQL 5.5 semi-synchronous replication
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    A few days ago I saw an article about Semi-Synchronous Replication in MySQL 5.5. It asks questions, and doesn't give answers beyond gut feeling. So I thought that I would do some practical testing of this new feature.
    Before we go that way, though, let's revisit the theory.

    How semi-synchronous replication works

    Figure 1. A transaction with regular replication
    With regular replication, you send a transaction to the master (1). When the COMMIT is received, the master executes it (2), and if successful it logs the transaction to the binary log (3). The the master answers the client request (4) with a successful

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    MySQL Sandbox embraces Python and meets Cluster
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    If you have tried Quick start guides: MySQL cluster in 10 minutes, you may have realized that it is really quick and easy.
    However, it leaves some typing to be done.
    Users of MySQL Sandbox have a horror of repetitive typing, and this got me thinking. "Could I integrate MySQL Sandbox and Cluster?"
    The answer was: "Sure."
    But then I started thinking of all the minor and major changes that I wanted to do to the Sandbox and have delayed for too long. What I need, is a radical refactoring.
    And then I remembered that it has been almost two years since I learned a new

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    MySQL Sandbox now with plugins, more tests, instrumentation
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    The latest release of MySQL Sandbox, 3.0.12, has integrated plugin installation features, as mentioned in my previous post.
    Not only that. This version has also more tests, fixes a couple of bugs, and introduces basic instrumentation. Now each script released with MySQL Sandbox, and every one that the Sandbox itself installs, can leave a trail in a file.

    Let's start with the plugin. The documentation has been updated to cover this new feature. And 27 new tests give

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    MySQL Sandbox meets plugins
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    I saw it coming.
    In the past year I have been working more and more with plugins. The InnoDB plugins, the semi-synchronous replication plugins, the Gearman UDFs, the Spider plugins, and every time I found myself doing a long installation process, with inevitable mistakes.
    So I told myself "I wish I had a tool that installed plugins instantly and painlessly, the way MySQL Sandbox installs a server.
    There you go. So yesterday I had enough of suffering and have put together an installation script that does a good job of installing several plugins with little or no effort.


    How does it work? For now, it's a separate script, but it will soon end into SBtool, the Sandbox tool.
    Plugins need

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    MySQL user group meeting in Sydney, January 15th
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    On January 15th I will be in Sydney, Au, on my way to Wellington, New Zealand.
    I will be at the MySQL User Group, hosted at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts at 5.30pm.
    I will talk about testing complex database systems with MySQL Sandbox.
    The meeting is open to all. If you want to attend, please register at the Sydney MySQL User Group meetup page.
    Jeremy's article on MySQL Sandbox in Linux Magazine
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    Jeremy Zawodny of Craiglist has written a kind article about MySQL Sandbox.
    The article, MySQL Sandbox: Treat MySQL Instances like Virtual Machines, is a practical test of MySQL Sandbox with usage examples and warm appreciation.
    Thanks, Jeremy!

    The article was published in July but I noticed it only today. I guess I should pay more attention to my favorite topics when I travel.
    Snow Leopard blues
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    On Friday afternoon, I went to give a presentation about MySQL advanced features at the Sardegna Ricerche technology park. The presentation included a quick introduction to MySQL Sandbox, something that I have been doing for years, and I thought I could do blindfold, if required. However, something didn't go as expected.
    Just when I was showing off how easy is it to install a MySQL sandbox from a tarball, I was faced by an unexpected error. The tar application was not among the recognized ones. As soon as I saw

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    Remote replication setup with Gearman and MySQL Sandbox
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    A few months ago, Brian Aker invited me to have a look at Gearman, saying that I could find interesting combinations with MySQL Proxy. I did not forget, and I kept thinking about interesting ways of using it. The first idea that I managed to apply is not related to Proxy, but to a practical problem that I have been keeping in reserve for years, i.e. installing replication systems from remote, without effort.

    After some fiddling around with the alternatives, I convinced myself that Gearman is the way to go. Before I proceed to show what I did, though, perhaps it's useful if I spend a few

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    MySQL Sandbox and laziness
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    Laziness strikes again.
    MySQL Sandbox was created with the intent of avoiding repetitive work when creating and using several servers. Turns out that even the current framework, which many say that is really time saving and enhances productivity, was not enough. So my desire for laziness, which is, as everybody should know a chief virtue for a programmer has made me code a shortcut script, which can joggle sandboxes as never before.
    Enter the sb script (available in version 3.0.03). Now I can shorten my typing experience with sandboxes quite a lot:

    $ sb 5135
    # same as

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    MySQL Sandbox has a dedicated home
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    MySQL Sandbox is a mature project (recently released version 3.0), and as such I thought that it deserved a dedicated home.
    Thus, I went shopping, and I bought a few domains, all pointing to the same place:

    Web design is not (to say it mildly) my strongest ability, and thus the result is nothing that would trouble Facebook or

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    Google Goodies and Lego
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    Dear Kettle friends,

    Will Gorman and Mike D’Amour, Senior Developers at Pentaho, are presenting Pentaho’s Google integration work at the Google I/O Developer Conference. (at the Sandbox area to be specific)   Yesterday, Pentaho announced that much.

    Here are a few of the integration points:

    • Google maps dashboard (available in the Pentaho BI server you can download)
    • A new Google Docs step was created for Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition
    • Running (AVI, 30MB) the Pentaho BI server on
      [Read more...]
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