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MariaDB 5.2 repository for RHEL/CentOS
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Until now, MariaDB 5.2 was lacking a yum repository for easy installs and upgrades. It is now available, thanks to OurDelta.

Just follow our very simple installation instructions.

MySQL 5.0.87-d10 OurDelta packages
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MySQL 5.0.87-d10 OurDelta builds are now available (32 and 64-bit):

Apart from the 5.0.87 upstream fixes there were a few minor fixes in the build environment, and one updated Percona patch. The -sail builds now include the OQGRAPH engine. Source packages are with the respective distro repos, and there are base source  [Read more...]
Do you want to be an OurDelta mirror?
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Then please contact us:  i n f o (at) o u r d e l t a (dot) o r g

What are the requirements? Having a server with HTTP access and no hassles with low traffic limits. At this stage you’ll need about 5GB disk space, and you’ll use rsync to sync from the master servers (we’ll provide you with a script to help with that). Thanks!

With the new releases the traffic is up (not surprising) and while our existing mirrors appear to be doing ok so far, it’ll be good to have more available before we run into capacity or speed problems. We also haven’t yet split for geographic location, that too becomes a possibility with more mirrors.

MariaDB 5.1 packages for Debian/Ubuntu
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See the OurDelta blog for details of this release. RHEL/CentOS packages also coming.

MariaDB 5.1 packages for Debian and Ubuntu
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You can now apt-get your way to MariaDB 5.1, courtesy of OurDelta and in close cooperation with Monty Program Ab. To get started, simple follow the info on the Debian and Ubuntu pages.

Quick overview

  • For MariaDB we use different repository directories to ensure that you can’t accidentally upgrade or revert major versions without you explicitly choosing to do so.
  • At this point we have Ubuntu Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty and Karmic for you, as well as Debian 4 (Lenny). Etch (Debian 4) is waiting on a small fix (thanks to Antony Curtis for helping with that).
  • The package names start with mariadb*,
  [Read more...]
OurDelta 5.0.86-d10-Sail sources/binaries with OQGRAPH Engine
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These are now available for download from

For the GRAPH Engine documentation, see http://openquery.com/graph/doc. It’s not another general purpose engine, it’s a computation engine. Different beast altogether, but darn useful!

Since it’s new code, it’s only in the -Sail patchset (bleeding edge).

Hidden tests of the MySQL test suite
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Some of you may have run the mysql-test-run tool which is the MySQL test suite. But did you know there are actually multiple suites? If you just run the tool, you don’t get everything!

Check out the mysql-test/suites subdirectory. That’s all the stuff you don’t get when just running the tool normally. If you take a peek at the Makefiles, you will find a target test-bt (build team) which shows the extra calls and parameters for the additional suites.

OurDelta has had some interesting cases where a build that’s otherwise ok would fail when users tried the test suite on their installation. We reckon such a test should definitely pass, and thus we had some more homework to do. So now OurDelta builds with as many tests as exist enabled, on all platforms and architectures. Slow yes, but that’s not an argument to not test something, right? Failing tests

  [Read more...]
Building 5.1.38-maria packages
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We’ve been able to do MySQL 5.1 binary tarballs for a bit now (great working together with Kristian Nielsen of Monty Program), but packages are bit more tricky. Peter has been working on Debian/Ubuntu while I’ve focused on RH/CentOS. The following is from an OurDelta (trial build run) RPM install on CentOS 5 x64:

$ mysql -u root
Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 1
Server version: 5.1.38-maria-beta1-ourdelta (OurDelta - http://ourdelta.org/)

mysql> CREATE TABLE test.t1 (i int) ENGINE=PBXT;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.10 sec)

mysql> SHOW CREATE TABLE test.t1\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Table: test.t1
Create Table: CREATE TABLE `test.t1` (
`i` int(11) DEFAULT NULL
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> INSERT INTO test.t1 values (1);
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Book: Pro Linux System Administration
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Peter Lieverdink (also known as cafuego on IRC/identi.ca, engineer on OurDelta builds and for Open Query) has co-authored a book that’s available since Monday. The title is Pro Linux System Administration published by Apress.

These days some people don’t want to bother with system administration, and either hire or outsource. Others want to find out more and do things themselves (home and small office use), and that’s the intended audience for this book.

OurDelta MySQL on EC2 - updating binaries
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Given the amount of time since my last post on installing OurDelta MySQL on EC2. It allowed me to show quickly how to get your OurDelta MySQL install up-to-date.Prerequisites:You have already installed the OurDelta Repository as per this documentationhttp://ourdelta.org/centosTo update:Now just yum update to get the latest version:http://ourdelta.org/release-5077-d8yum update MySQL-OurDelta*It is
At last we have a MySQL Foundation, its called The Open Database Alliance
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Just over a year ago we registered the domain name mysqlfoundation.org in the hopes that Sun/MySQL will actually create such an entity.

My idea was to move the development of the MySQL Community server to the Foundation and make the development fully community orientated. The Foundation would have its own development goals and release schedule. Sun could then pull patches from the Foundation's Community server into the Enterprise server once they had stabilized.

I pitched the idea to several people at Sun back then and over the last year, however, for some reason, the foundation concept just proved impossible to push through.

I believe this would have been a great opportunity for Sun to take the leadership in the community, as the foundation idea dates back to before things really

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OurDelta mysqld_safe patch makes it back into MySQL
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Last year, Erik Ljungstrom (sensei in the #ourdelta IRC channel on Freenode) created patch for a bug Arjen identified with the handling of (among others) the open-files-limit option; the patch was first included in the OurDelta build of MySQL 5.0.67.

Now, Sun engineer Guilhem Bichot has committed the (modified) patch into the 6.0-maria tree, so it should appear in 6.0 and potentially 5.4. That’s good.

See http://bugs.mysql.com/40368 for details and history.

Measuring HD latency in ways relevant to MySQL
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As I described yesterday, Open Query is doing some tests on SSDs and other devices pretending to be harddisks (SANs, battery-backed RAID controllers, etc). To aid this, I wrote a small tool to test the different kind of I/O operations MySQL would/could do, which is not quite the same as what other general purpose apps would do, and also not what other test tools measure. For instance, it tries Direct I/O as well as fsync() after each write, and also it a range of different I/O block sizes.

In a nutshell, it’s aimed to do what MySQL does, without MySQL! Testing lots of different setups for this particular purpose (even with fantastic tools like MySQL Sandbox) is a complete pest, and changing InnoDB page size requires a recompile. While Percona has tried a larger page size in the past and decided it wasn’t worth it (the default

  [Read more...]
Update for OurDelta 9.04 Jaunty builds of MySQL
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We had to apply a weird tweak as the default Ubuntu Jaunty packages are named something like 5.1.30really-5.0.xx. Several people have filed bugs on it with Ubuntu on Launchpad.

What I suspect happened (unconfirmed!) is that Canonical was contemplating putting 5.1 into Jaunty, had it in a beta but went back to 5.0  before release. Since downgrading by version number is a manual process in apt-get, the above hack allows a downgrade that looks like an upgrade…

Our original Jaunty build worked fine if you were starting from scratch, however an upgrade from the default MySQL on Jaunty would not work. Peter has built 5.1.30really-5.0.77-d8-ourdelta, which upgrades happily from the default Jaunty install or any other earlier install (such as from Intrepid). If you upgrade from an earlier Ubuntu version, do make sure you fix up your

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OurDelta 5.0.77-d8 builds for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty
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OurDelta builds of MySQL 5.0.77-d8 for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) builds are done, thanks to some smart and fast work by Peter. The packages are getting copied to the main site right now, and the mirrors should be up-to date within half a day or so.

The problem with April Fools in the MySQL/web space...
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...is that truth is stranger than fiction. Reality does not appear any more plausible than plain nonsense.

We were discussing this yesterday on #ourdelta (Freenode IRC) in the context of How MySQL really executes a query by Baron. Antony Curtis noted that if he'd write a truthful post on that topic, people would think it was made-up regardless of the day of the year!

Another proof of the premise: Baron has now put a giant banner above/below his post, explaining that it was a joke. Apparently that's necessary?

I tend to come up with neat ideas for April Fools throughout the year, neglect to write them down, and come the day I have a blank. But, given the above, there's another option: you just write a

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The problem with April Fools in the MySQL/web space…
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…is that truth is stranger than fiction. Reality does not appear any more plausible than plain nonsense.

We were discussing this yesterday on #ourdelta (Freenode IRC) in the context of How MySQL really executes a query by Baron. Antony Curtis noted that if he’d write a truthful post on that topic, people would think it was made-up regardless of the day of the year!

Another proof of the premise: Baron has now put a giant banner above/below his post, explaining that it was a joke. Apparently that’s necessary?

I tend to come up with neat ideas for April Fools throughout the year, neglect to write them down, and come the day I have a blank. But, given the above, there’s another

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Arjen also on twitter & identi.ca
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If you'd like to follow shorter scribbles of what I get up to, like my work at Open Query, OurDelta and of course the BlueHackers initiative, I've got myself organised at http://twitter.com/arjenlentz or http://identi.ca/arjenlentz (you can pick one, they have the same feed).
OurDelta MySQL builds for Debian 5.0 (Lenny)
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Peter has done the prep work for building on Lenny, see our Debian page for info on how to configure apt for easy updating (Lenny comes with 5.0.51).

OurDelta MySQL on EC2 - install
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Summary:Arjen would give me an earful if I got this wrong or poorly worded."OurDelta produces enhanced builds for MySQL, with OurDelta and third-party patches, for common production platforms" from http://ourdelta.org/aboutOver the next series of articles I am going to put the many additions to the MySQL 5.0 baseline through their paces on Amazon EC2.Using a base CentOS 4.4 I had lying around on
OurDelta at linux.conf.au
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Arjen & Monty @ LCA2009 in Hobart

I did a couple of sessions on OurDelta at the Linux.conf.au database miniconf: an overview of the project, a short delve into the features, and a “hacking the mysql server for dummies” which was found of particular interest. It’s a pity that session didn’t get accepted into the MySQL conference, it even had MySQL-uberguru Antony Curtis as co-speaker.

In the hacking talk in Hobart, I showed people the basic infrastructure of the source tree, then going through one particular patch and which changes it makes inside the server (and why). This is an excellent way to learn, as patches have a neat limited scope yet they do something significant. The good news is that the sessions were recorded, so when the

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This Week in OurDelta - Vol 5
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While hard at work, it’s important to be visible so people don’t wonder if there’s anything happening… the open source development model is extremely good for this, things are just public all the time. Some may find this a source of stress or potential embarassment, but I think it’s great and overall makes for better quality code, products, and a nicer work environment.

To see what’s going on with OurDelta right now, we need to take a peek at https://code.launchpad.net/percona-patches where the Percona developers have been busy putting in lots of changes in both the 5.0.67 tree  (mainly little improvements and fixes to existing patches) as well as working on the 5.1 ports of the 5.0 patches. Launchpad lets you subscribe to a particular branch, so you get notified when there’s a new commit, and see the changeset comment. That’s a very handy way

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MASTER_DELAY (delayed slave replication) in 5.0 / 5.1
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In a nutshell, there is some code for doing delayed replication from inside the server, as an optional parameter to the CHANGE MASTER TO syntax. Maatkit has a script for doing this functionally externally, but an internal solution might be preferred.

If you have an urgent interest in this feature, in either MySQL 5.0 or MySQL 5.1, please contact me to discuss.

See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ourdelta/+bug/288898 for more details and current code status (link to relevant OurDelta branch that has the work-in-progress patches).
This Week in OurDelta - Vol 4
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OpenSQL Camp 2008 has come and gone, and hooray again for Baron who came up with the idea and made most of it happen (but let’s not forget Sheeri!)  Events such as these are always educational, but the most interesting stuff happens outside of the organised sessions (and this being an un-conf, they weren’t that strictly planned anyway

For me (Arjen) a major chunk of the exercise was acquiring jetlag there and back with no days to spare either side, but I feel it was well worth it. I spent most of the time listening and talking with people rather than coding. It was a great opportunity to catch up with Monty, the Percona crew (Baron, Peter, Vadim, Tom, and more - there’s so many of them now!), Brian, Stewart, Jay,

  [Read more...]
Open Query is hiring!
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Arjen & gang are looking for skilled and enthusiastic colleagues!


  • guru level practical skills in MySQL schema/query design, server administration and tuning;
  • expertise with common dev and deployment infrastructure (mainly Linux but also other *nix and Windows);
  • freedom to travel without restriction;
  • self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
  • excellent written/verbal English, comfortable public speaker.
Being a small, company, the range of possible work tasks can be quite diverse, although you are not required to be able to do everything. That said, your application will be more highly regarded if you exhibit a broad range of skills and interests, both directly technical and otherwise.

Desirable abilities

  • shell and Perl scripting;
  • C/C++

  [Read more...]
Updating your repo info if you started with OurDelta d6
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If you start with the d6 build, you probably have ourdelta.org in your repo files rather than mirror.ourdelta.org. Since we moved to using download mirrors, you need to update your repo config files. There are redirects in place for download users, but yum/apt-get generally don’t like redirects. For details on what your config should now look like, just take a peek at the information for each distro we currently support:

Once you’ve fixed this up, updates should be painless in the future (i.e., updating to the current d7  [Read more...]
This Week in OurDelta - Vol 3
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This week saw the release of OurDelta patchset d7 build of MySQL 5.0.67, basically a cleaned-up update of the earlier (and first) OurDelta d6 build. The number of downloads/fetches within the first few hours surpassed the total number from the previous weeks.

Downloads and yum/apt-get repository fetches now always go via one of our mirrors, as obviously the main server can’t possibly handle all that attention! By default you just get sent to “somewhere on the planet”, although you can tweak your repo setup to only use specific mirrors. If you want to become a mirror for OurDelta, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add you in; the more the merrier!

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid is now also supported. We welcome input on which additional platforms are desirable.

There was a 

  [Read more...]
OSOTA podcast on OurDelta “new distro for MySQL”
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James Purser of Open Source on the Air has done a podcast interview with Arjen Lentz about OurDelta, describing it as “a new distro for MySQL”.

OurDelta looking for a logo
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Ideas welcome!

General idea... base: Delta symbol (with thicker line on right hand side - a delta it's not a regular triangle), plus one or more of the following:
  • something depicting deltas: incremental small changes;
  • something depicting a river delta: where streams come together before flowing into ocean;
  • something depicting community: people working together, participating, communicating.
If you can draw even a little bit, rough scribbles are most welcome! We have a good artist who can turn that into magic. And, you don't have to go with the above... come up with something else suitable!

See also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ourdelta/+bug/284161 where we're tracking this; you will find other suggestions from people, including ideas that have been dismissed for visual or other reasons.
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