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Building MySQL 5.7
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The 5.7.5 DMR is now available, and we’ve made some changes to our build system in this one, so I wanted to spend some time discussing how you would now build MySQL.

When we released our April labs release, I wrote about building MySQL with Boost. Now that the first GIS work using Boost.Geometry has passed all the hurdles and landed in a development milestone release (DMR), it’s time to revisit the topic. From now on (5.7.5 and newer), MySQL needs Boost headers to compile.

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How to install Phalcon PHP framework in Ubuntu linux?
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Well, we have all heard about the fastest php framework out there. But how do we install it in a Ubuntu Linux machine.

Default process for any linux setup.


1. First, we need  a few packages previously installed. To install them, issue the distro specific command in your linux terminal.

For Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install php5-dev php5-mysql gcc libpcre3-dev

For Fedora:

sudo yum install php-devel php-mysqlnd gcc libtool


sudo yum install php-devel php-mysql gcc libtool

For Suse:

yast2 -i php5-pear php5-devel php5-mysql gcc

Basically, here we are installing the dev tools we require to compile and setup the Phalcon extension.

2. Get the Phalcon build using

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Building MySQL with boost on windows
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As you've probably heard already MySQL needs boost to build.

However, in the good ol' MySQL tradition, the above link does give you only the instructions on how to build it on linux. And completely ignores the fact that there're other OSes too that people develop on.

To fill in that gap, I've compiled a small step by step guide on how to do it on windows. Note that I always, as a principle, build out-of-source.

The typical setup I have is :

bzr clone lp:~mysql/mysql-server/5.7 mysql-trunk
cd mysql-trunk
mkdir bld
cd bld
cmake -DWITH_DEBUG=1 -DMYSQL_PROJECT_NAME=mysql-trunk ..
devenv /build debug mysql-trunk.sln

This has been tested to work on a 32 bit compile using VS2013 on a Windows7 64

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WebScaleSQL RPMs for CentOS 6
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Looks like this post was rather unclear. See the bottom for how to build the rpms quickly.

WebScaleSQL was announced last week. This looks like a good thing for MySQL as it provides a buildable version of MySQL which includes multiple patches from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter needed by large users of MySQL, patches which have not been incorporated into the upstream source tree.  Making this more visible will possibly encourage more of these patches to be brought into the code sooner.

The source is provided as a git repo at and as detailed at the documentation says there is currently no

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Building MySQL with Boost
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We have a new April labs release that you can download from There are more labs releases. Please try them all, but for now let’s focus on the one called “MySQL GIS, InnoDB R-tree, Parser Refactoring”.

The release contains InnoDB R-trees, the first step of our new GIS implementation, a refactored and faster parser and improved condition filtering cost calculations. You can download and run the binaries just like before, but if you want to build it from source, there are some details you should know. Otherwise you may fail to build MySQL (bug #72172).

This labs release requires Boost to build. Specifically, it requires Boost 1.55. But don’t go running off to looking for the latest tarball just yet — there’s no need for that. The MySQL

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Oracle introduces new levels of sucking to new versions of old software
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The latest version of Sun Studio, which is a terrible name for something which is a compiler and not an IDE, which has now been re-titled Solaris Studio in an attempt to underscore even more its general uselessness, has added a new antifeature to its installer.

It requires X.

You know one of the things that makes MySQL better than Oracle? You can install it in 5 minutes and you don't have to launch a Java GUI.

You know when it makes sense to launch a Java GUI to install server software?



Jenkins slave running Windows
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When you rely on something like Jenkins to help manage your project, if you don't have a feature regularly tested in it, that feature often bitrots pretty quickly. This was the case for our Windows compile of libdrizzle. It worked months ago, but then some folks tried it recently and, well - not so much with the working. That meant I had to do three things this weekend:


  • Get the Windows machine that was sitting at my old office powered off and actually plug it in in my new office
  • Fix the build
  • Connect that machine to Jenkins

    I'm happy to report all three are done, and we now have a Jenkins slave building libdrizzle on every push. I believe I should also be able to build the client programs, so I'll add them soon - and then it's only a few steps away from having Jenkins produce an msi or something that people can download.

    In case you're

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    libdrizzle in Visual Studio
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    Thanks to Jobin's work with mingw and getting libdrizzle to compile on Windows at all, I have been able to get it working in Visual Studio natively. The code is in trunk now.

    The approach I took, which is how I'm going to approach Windows and Visual Studio for all of our stuff, is to not worry with analogues to things like configure on Windows. Windows is a very different platform from Linux, and there is no need to attempt to duplicate Linux process there. To that end, the goal at least for now will be static VS Solution files and a set of instructions of how to get depends installed so that the Solution can find them. 

    I'm excited to start poking at Garrett Serack's CoApp Project, which has some tools do do tracing of things like make to help with the

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    libdrizzle - now with windows
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    Recently, Jobin took up the mantle of starting to poke at Windows support for Drizzle. We decided that step 1 is getting libdrizzle building on Windows - not to mention we could solve a few systemic "how to go about it" problems on a much simpler codebase.

    We decided to go the mingw route - for two reasons.


  • on windows we wouldn't have to solve the build problem yet
  • on linux we can cross-compile, and then I can spend less time connecting to a windows machine 

    I'm happy to say that the branch implementing support for building under mingw has been merged in to trunk - so please go hammer at it and tell me that I'm an idiot.

    If you're on linux and want to play, you'll need mingw32 and mingw32-pthread. You may notice that mingw-pthread

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    building MySQL 5.5 with cmake
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    Yesterday I was testing a branch of MySQL 5.5 to help a colleague, and I was set aback at discovering that, with the default build options, the server did not include the Archive engine.
    In other times, I would have to dig into the build scripts or to examine the output of ./configure --help, but that is no longer necessary. MySQL 5.5 is built using cmake, the cross platform make.
    Why does this change make me feel better? Because cmake configuration is more user friendly than the old autoconf/automake/libtools horror syntax. Not only that, but there is a GUI!
    I am a command line guy, as you probably know, but when the purpose of a GUI

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