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Why Boost.Geometry in MySQL?
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In the newly released MySQL 5.7 labs release, users will find refactored GIS functions, as well as R-tree indexes in InnoDB. One notable change is that we have replaced a lot of the native code for geometry computation with an external library, namely Boost.Geometry. In fact, 5.7 will be the first MySQL release that depends on Boost. So why did we make such a move?

In recent years, we have seen a tremendous growth in location based services, and consequently GIS has become a strategically important area for MySQL. Our existing customers require more GIS features, and we believe this is a growing market opportunity.

Up to MySQL 5.6, GIS support in MySQL has been very limited, and the geometry algorithms implemented in MySQL were

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Building MySQL with Boost
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We have a new April labs release that you can download from labs.mysql.com. There are more labs releases. Please try them all, but for now let’s focus on the one called “MySQL GIS, InnoDB R-tree, Parser Refactoring”.

The release contains InnoDB R-trees, the first step of our new GIS implementation, a refactored and faster parser and improved condition filtering cost calculations. You can download and run the binaries just like before, but if you want to build it from source, there are some details you should know. Otherwise you may fail to build MySQL (bug #72172).

This labs release requires Boost to build. Specifically, it requires Boost 1.55. But don’t go running off to boost.org looking for the latest tarball just yet — there’s no need for that. The MySQL

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Compile MariaDB 5.5.28 MySQL on Slackware i486-slackware-linux-gcc-3.3.4 with Cmake
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1. install Cmake

wget  http://www.cmake.org/files/v2.8/cmake-
tar xvfz cmake-
cd cmake-
gmake -j3

2. install libaio

gmake -wget  http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/bcrl/aio/libaio-0.3.92.tar.gz
tar xvfz libaio-0.3.92.tar.gz
cd libaio-0.3.92/
make prefix=/usr/
make prefix=/usr/ installj3 install

3. install MariaDB 5.5.28
go to https://downloads.mariadb.org/mariadb/5.5.28/ OR

wget https://downloads.mariadb.org/f/mariadb-5.5.28/kvm-tarbake-jaunty-x86/mariadb-5.5.28.tar.gz/from/http:/mariadb.ulak.net.tr/
tar xvf mariadb-5.5.28.tar.gz
cd mariadb-5.5.28/

the build will fail :

root@bubu:[Tue Nov 27

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Building MariaDB 5.3 on Windows
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I just wanted to share my steps for building MariaDB 5.3 on Windows. (Note, this is not much different than the instructions Wlad posted here).

But, things are not always so smooth, and of course I ran into a couple small issues, so I wanted to share my outputs plus those issues and their solutions (once again many thanks go to Wlad!) for those out there who might encounter the same.

Here are the steps to build:

  • Download MariaDB 5.3 and extracted to C:\mariadb-5.3
  • cd C:\mariadb-5.3
  • mkdir bld
  • cd bld
  • cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 9 2008"
  • cmake --build . --config relwithdebinfo --target package

    * By making a sub-dir named ‘bld’ and cd’ing into it, you’ll keep

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    MySQL 5.5 Windows Build Appendix : Full Outputs and Common Errors from Building MySQL 5.5 on Windows
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    The other day, I posted a “how-to” article for building MySQL 5.5 on Windows from the source code tree.

    In an attempt to keep the post as brief as possible, I omitted many outputs, as well as a number of common bugs/problems one could encounter, and so I just wanted to follow-up with some of that in this “appendix” of sorts.

    This way, folks who run into any issues might find solutions to those problems here.

    I’ll start with the outputs first, followed by the common problems.

    Outputs (When works as expected):


    Output from Obtaining Source Code:

    C:\Users\Chris>cd C:\
    C:\>bzr init-repo --trees mysql-5.5
    Shared repository with trees (format: 2a)
      shared repository: mysql-5.5
    C:\>cd mysql-5.5
    C:\mysql-5.5>bzr branch
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    MySQL 5.5: CMake replaces autoconf/automake on all platforms, support for autotools has now been removed
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    There has been a lot of buzz about the MySQL 5.5 GA release and its new features and other user-visible improvements. In this blog post, I'd like to touch on a less noticeable, but still important change.

    CMake has already been used to build the MySQL Server on Windows for a long time, while the GNU autotools were used on all other platforms. Since MySQL 5.5, all builds on all platforms are now performed using the same tool chain. With the latest release of MySQL 5.5, we've made

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    building MySQL 5.5 with cmake
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    Yesterday I was testing a branch of MySQL 5.5 to help a colleague, and I was set aback at discovering that, with the default build options, the server did not include the Archive engine.
    In other times, I would have to dig into the build scripts or to examine the output of ./configure --help, but that is no longer necessary. MySQL 5.5 is built using cmake, the cross platform make.
    Why does this change make me feel better? Because cmake configuration is more user friendly than the old autoconf/automake/libtools horror syntax. Not only that, but there is a GUI!
    I am a command line guy, as you probably know, but when the purpose of a GUI

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    Building MySQL Server with CMake on Linux/Unix
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    CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system, maintained by Kitware, Inc.

    From the CMake.org home page:

    CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software. CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files. CMake generates native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice.

    It has been used for building the MySQL Server on Windows since MySQL 5.0 – the initial CMake build support was added in August 2006.


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