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There’s a European OpenSQL Camp coming up
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In addition to the Boston edition, there’s an OpenSQL Camp at the same time and place as FrOSCon mid-August in Germany. The call for papers is open until July 11th. As always, the conference is about all kinds of open-source databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL are only two of the obvious ones; MongoDB and Cassandra featured prominently at the last one I attended, and SQLite was well represented at the first one.

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    451 CAOS Links 2010.04.27
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    VMware and Salesforce.com launch VMforce. Red Hat provides Cloud Access. And more.

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    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    # VMware and Salesforce.com launched VMforce, a platform for developing and deploying Java cloud applications.

    # Red Hat Cloud Access enables enterprises to use their Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription on Amazon Web Services.

    # Canonical announced Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Edition, Desktop Edition and ISV support.

    # Novell

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    Cloud openness contemplated
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    I caught some of the keynotes and discussion at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit today, and was particularly interested in the panel discussion on open source and cloud computing. While we are used to hearing and talking about how important open source software is to cloud computing (open source giving to cloud computing), moderator John Mark Walker posed the question of whether cloud computing gives back? The discussion also rightfully focused on openness in cloud computing, how open source might or might not translate to cloud openness and the importance of data to be open as well.

    The discussion also centered on some issues regarding open standards and how open is open

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    451 CAOS Links 2010.04.13
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    600 new customers for SugarCRM. James Gosling leaves Oracle. And more.

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    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    # SugarCRM added nearly 600 customers in the first quarter of 2010.

    # James Gosling resigned from Oracle.

    # VMware’s SpringSource acquired Rabbit Technologies and its RabbitMQ messaging software.

    # EnterpriseDB hired Sun’s former MySQL VP Karen Tegan Padir as vice president of products and marketing.

    # Xen.org

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    Cassandra is my NoSQL solution but..
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    In the past few months, I have tested many NoSQL solutions. Redis, MongoDB, HBase yet Cassandra is the Column Store DB I picked because of its speed (on writes), reliability, built in feature set that makes it multi-datacenter aware. The one other personal reward for Cassandra is it is written in Java. I like reading and writing in Java more than C++ although it really does not matter for me personally in the end.

    Let us talk about the reason why I am introducing Cassandra into my infrastructure and some of its drawbacks I have noticed so far.

    Why it is being introduced:
    We have a feature where we record every single click for 50 million Monthly Active Users (real-time) and storing this in mySQL is just waste of semi-good hardware for data that is only looked at for the past 24 hours. Over the course of some time (couple of months) more than 3

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    451 CAOS Links 2010.03.12
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    Updating the MPL. Funding for Lucid and eXo. StatusNet. And more.

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    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    Updating the MPL
    # ZDnet reported that the 10-year-old Mozilla Public License will be updated by the end of 2010, while Mitchell Baker explained the process.

    Funding for Lucid and eXo
    # Lucid Imagination raised $10m in series B funding from Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures and Walden International.

    # eXo Platform raised $6m from Auriga Partners and XAnge Capital and

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    Log Buffer #182, a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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    This is the 182nd edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs. Make sure to read the whole edition so you do not miss where to submit your SQL limerick!

    This week started out with me posting about International Women’s Day, and has me personally attending Confoo (Montreal) which is an excellent conference I hope to return to next year. I learned a lot from confoo, especially the blending nosql and sql session I attended.

    This week was also the Hotsos Symposium. Doug’s

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    Liveblogging at Confoo: Blending NoSQL and SQL
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    Persistence Smoothie: Blending NoSQL and SQL – see user feedback and comments at http://joind.in/talk/view/1332.

    Michael Bleigh from Intridea, high-end Ruby and Ruby on Rails consultants, build apps from start to finish, making it scalable. He’s written a lot of stuff, available at http://github.com/intridea. @mbleigh on twitter

    NoSQL is a new way to think about persistence. Most NoSQL systems are not ACID compliant (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability).

    Generally, most NoSQL systems have:

    • Denormalization
    • Eventual Consistency
    • Schema-Free
    • Horizontal Scale

    NoSQL tries to scale (more) simply, it is starting to go

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    451 CAOS Links 2010.03.02
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    Novell’s Q1. The future of OpenSolaris. And more.

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    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    # Novell reported Linux platform revenue of $37.5m in Q1, up 6.4%.

    # Internet.com reported that Novell’s Linux business broke even as Microsoft deal revenues fade.

    # As the H reported Oracle exec Dan Roberts confirmed that OpenSolaris has a future at Oracle.

    # Citrix acquired Paglo, launched GoToManage service.

    # StatusNet launched StatusNet

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    Getting started with Cassandra
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    With the motivation from today’s public news on Twitter’s move from MySQL to Cassandra, my own skills desire following in-depth discussions at last November’s Open SQL Camp to consider Cassandra and yesterday’s discussion with a new client on persistent key-value store products, today I download installed and configured for the first time. Not that today’s news was unexpected, if you follow the Twitter Engineering Open Source projects you would have seen Cassandra as well as other products being used or evaluated by Twitter.

    So I went from

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    On SQL vs No-SQL
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    The No-SQL tag really lumps together a lot of concepts that are in fact as distinct from eachother as they are from SQL/RDBMS.

    An object store is not at all similar to Cassandra and Hypertable, which is not at all like an column store. And when looking at BigTable derivatives, it’s quite important to realise that Google actually does joins in middle layers or apps, so while BigTable does not have joins, the apps essentially do use them – I’ve heard it professed that denormalising everything might be a fab idea, but I don’t quite believe in that for all cases, just like I don’t believe in ditching the structured form of RDBMS being the solution.

    SQL/RDBMS has had a few decades of dominance now, and has thus become the great “general purpose” tool. With the ascent of all the other tools, it’s definitely worthwhile to look at them, but also realise that

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    OpenSQLCamp Videos online!
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    OpenSQLCamp was a huge success! I took videos of most of the sessions (we only had 3 video cameras, and 4 rooms, and 2 sessions were not recorded). Unfortunately, I was busy doing administrative stuff for opensqlcamp for the opening keynote and first 15 minutes of the session organizing, and when I got to the planning board, it was already full….so I was not able to give a session.

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    What is Cassandra good for
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    The Cassandra database has been getting quite a lot of publicity recently. I think this is a good thing in general, but it seems that some people are considering using it for unsuitable purposes.

    Cassandra is a cluster database which uses multiple nodes to provide
    • Read-scaling
    • Write-scaling
    • High availability
    Unless you need at least TWO of those things, you should probably not bother.

    Good reasons to use Cassandra:
    High availability

    Cassandra tolerates the failure of some nodes and will continue to read data and take writes despite some nodes being offline or unreachable - the exact behaviour depends on its settings and what consistency level of read/write is requested.

    Write scaling

    Cassandra allows you to scale writes by just

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    Observations on key-value databases
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    Key-value databases are catching fire these days. Memcached, Redis, Cassandra, Keyspace, Tokyo Tyrant, and a handful of others are surging in popularity, judging by the contents of my feed reader.

    I find a number of things interesting about these tools.

    • There are many more of them than open-source traditional relational databases. (edit: I mean that there are many options that all seem similar to each other, instead of 3 or 4 standing out as the giants.)
    • It seems that a lot of people are simultaneously inventing solutions to their problems in private without being aware of each other, then open-sourcing the results. That points to a sudden sea change in architectures. Tipping points tend to be abrupt, which would explain isolated redundant development.
    • Many of the products are feature-rich with things programmers need: diverse
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    Cassandra database and range scans
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    I've been doing a little more playing with Cassandra, an open source distributed database. It has several features which make it very compelling for storing large data which has a lot of writes:
    • Write-scaling - adding more nodes increases write capacity
    • No single point of failure
    • configurable redundancy
    And the most important:

    • Key range scans

    Key range scans are really important because they allow applications to do what users normally want to do:
    • What emails did I receive this week
    • Give me all the transactions for customer X in time range Y
    Answering these questions without range scans is extremely difficult; with efficient range scans they become fairly easy (provided you pick your keys right).


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