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Multiple MariaDB Instances and systemd units

First of all 😀 if you expect to read something really advanced level, this blog is not for you, just go read another stuff, 😉 I’m saving you some time. Today I was caught by surprise with a request to help a good friend from Consulting side of the world. As I got very curious […]

MySQL InnoDB Cluster, now with remote nodes!

In this post I’m going to extend the tests I made with MySQL InnoDB Cluster on the previous post, creating a group of instances with separate servers, that is, I’m going to test how to create a new cluster with three different machines considering that, if you create a cluster using one giant server, maybe […]

MySQL 8.0 DMR, new features, part 1

I would like to start this telling the reader that this is going to be the first of some blog posts I’m planning to exploit subjects around MySQL 8.0, as I have been testing its features. As I’m an Oracle ACE Director, part of the Oracle ACEs program, I received from my friend Fred Deschamps, […]

Exploring InnoDB Schema Partial Backups with Percona Xtrabackup

I remember the time when all the database and sys admins used to speak about MySQL backup strategy and it was really something to not worry about too much for many reasons. One of them was that the dataset on MySQL schemas was not too big, not that critical and the information was not that […]

Working with MySQL on SSD

I’d like to start this post or entry registering that even SSD cards or disks provides very low latency and faster random reads/writes, I consider that it’s new to MySQLers and at least on MySQL World. New based on the information we can find on the internet in form of collaboration to make it to […]

Fast Index Creation really matters

In one of the recent projects I’ve got involved, I had a situation where I started reviewing the data model so as to find any additional or unnecessary indexes on tables. The scenario is that one where the database was recently moved from MyISAM to InnoDB Storage Engine. So, considering that there are some critical […]

MySQL 5.5.X – Sort aborted

This morning I started investigating a file sort problem that is happening with a report server. Actually, what caught more my attention was what is really behind of the error message that is appearing many time along MySQL report server’s error log. Yes, this particular server is a slave server used just for extract reports […]

MySQL e o skip-name-resolve

Desde o lançamento da versão 5.5 do servidor de bancos de dados MySQL que eu venho verificando muitos problemas relacionados com a variável de resolução de nomes, skip-name-resolve. Para quem ainda não sabe ou está iniciando com o MySQL, toda vez que o servidor de bancos de dados recebe uma consulta, como por exemplo, aquela […]

InnoDB Status Output – Buffer Pool and Spin Rounds

InnoDB has a good source of information about its status which can be requested every time you need to know “what’s up” with that in your environment. The SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS will inform you the last x seconds of its operation, leveraging system or database administrator with the best – as possible – position […]

MySQL 5.6 Thread Pool

Tendo em vista o problema já discutido aqui neste blog com relação à escala de conexão de usuários versus criação de threads no MySQL versus sistema operacional – no caso, um CentOS 6.0 – decidi recentemente parar para dar uma lida no manual do MySQL e verificar nos mínimos detalhes o que a feature promete. […]

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