Percona Live New York Wrap-Up

Tokutek sponsored the Percona Live MySQL / New York 2012 Conference which took place this past Monday and Tuesday.  I spent much of the time at our booth discussing TokuDB with conference attendees but also managed to attend the following presentations:

  • Understanding Performance through Measurement, Benchmarking and Profiling by Rene Cannao of PalominoDB.  Rene presented 3 hours of content covering his methodologies, toolbox, and tips & tricks to help identify performance bottlenecks. Rene has obviously been optimizing systems for some time as I’ve never seen such a comprehensive list of tools and techniques.  This content is worthy of a book.
  • MariaDB 5.5 and What Comes Next by Colin Charles of MariaDB.  Colin covered the history of MariaDB through version 5.5 and a peek at what is coming in the next release (version 10).  The current MariaDB 10 planned feature list is here, but doesn’t include multi-source replication which is already in development.  It is great to see the exciting new features being added to MariaDB.
  • MySQL Acceleration Through New Flash Storage API Primitives by Torben  Mathiasen of FusionIO.  I had a chance to talk to Torben prior to his presentation which got me excited to see his full slide deck.  FusionIO has always produced crazy fast flash storage devices and is now releasing an API to allow users direct access to the device itself, bypassing the overhead related to a file system.  They also are working on a new file system that allows their device to handle journaling, atomic writes, and other important features.

I wish I had time to see more presentations, maybe next year.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about TokuDB.