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Monty Program will be at Percona Live London

Its good to announce that Monty Program will have a presence at Percona Live London (October 24 & 25 2011), and we’re very excited about it. There will be two talks (no tutorials this time around):

  1. Sergei Golubchik will present on Pluggable Authentication in MySQL and MariaDB. I’ve seen Serg give tutorials to this effect, so expect a lot within half an hour!
  2. Colin Charles will present on Why MariaDB? which focuses on what new features are available today in MariaDB and how they benefit users.

Will we see you there? Registrations are still open and we would love to talk to you then.

Monty Program is …

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A review of MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development by Golubchik and Hutchings

MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development

MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development, by Sergei Golubchik and Andrew Hutchings, Packt 2010. About 250 pages. (Here’s a link to the publisher’s site.)

This book is well worth reading for anyone interested in MySQL internals. I learned a lot from it. It is well-written and understandable. I cannot say that I’m planning to write storage engines or more advanced plugins, but I have a great many ideas how to improve MySQL, and I now understand more clearly which of those are suitable to write as plugins, and of what type of plugin is appropriate. I also think I have a better idea how much work these various ideas might involve.

The book begins …

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