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It's harder to get on these days

The folks at must have made it harder to get on to the page over the past few months.

When I first was listed on there you simply needed 10 bookmarks within the past 24 hours. I was looking at the article I published yesterday MySQL Optimization Hints and noticed that it has 28 bookmarks over the past 24 hours, and has not yet been listed on the popular page.

It appears that they still require only 10 recent bookmarks, but they have shrunk the window for what they call recent. It must be down to 10 bookmarks within 12 or 6 hours. Does anyone know the specifics?

Trick or Treat - Web 2.0 Goodies for ColdFusion

I am happy to announce the latest creation from foundeo: fusionKit.

fusionKit is a CD full of some handy ColdFusion components and UDF's. It is a similar concept to the DRK's that Macromedia used to sell, but is it's 100% ColdFusion.

My favorite component in the kit is the Bayesian CFC. You may recall that spam filters tend to use bayesian analysis to determine if a message is spam or ham. This CFC allows you to perform the same kind of analysis on any block of text. I am using this CFC in one of my client's blogs, and it has blocked over 4,000 spam comments in one week!

There is also the tagging CFC, which makes it easy to work with tags or …

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