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Faban1.0 Released

Faban 1.0 has just been released. This is a major milestone for this open-source workload creation and test framework. Faban is widely used by many performance geeks to performance test various types of server applications. Amongst open source tools, Faban is unique in that it not only provides a framework to create and run performance/load tests, but also has robust functionality to run monitoring tools. It collects all sorts of configuration information as well to truly help performance engineers keep track of configuration and tuning settings.

Here are some major new features in 1.0 which I think will make Faban a very attractive proposition (when compared to the likes of some very expensive proprietary tools).

Automated Form Generation

If you have used Faban before to create workloads, this is the feature you probably have been craving. But let me explain for …

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