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InnoDB Tablespace Corruption

Over the weekend, I experienced a strange issue (even though its not new) with the InnoDB tablespace (ibdata) corruption. When in general InnoDB crashes, it automatically recovers during the next start by rolling back/forward based on what was pending and un-flushed/un-committed changes at the time of crash.

But for some reason, one of the server; we ran out of disk space (yeah, no alerts) on data directory; where we store everything (tablespace, logs and data); and server was running for few hours in this mode (disk full); and it became un-available and not responding after a while. Only option left was to kill the server process and its PID along with cleaning the stuff to get the space back. After I (re)started the server; server failed to start with the following error..

InnoDB: Error: trying to access page number 1098759810 in space 0,
InnoDB: space name /data/ibdata1,
InnoDB: which is outside the …
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