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Black-Box Auditing: Verifying End-to-End Replication Integrity between MySQL and Redshift

Since Yelp introduced its real-time streaming data infrastructure, “Data Pipeline”, it has grown in scope and matured vastly. It now supports some of Yelp’s most critical business requirements in its mission to connect people with great local businesses. Today, it has expanded into a diverse ecosystem of connectors sourcing data from Kafka and MySQL, and sinking data into Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kafka, MySQL, Redshift, and S3. To ensure that the whole ecosystem is functioning correctly, Yelp’s Data Pipeline infrastructure is continually growing its repertoire of reliability techniques such as write-ahead logging, two-phase commit, fuzz testing, monkey testing, and black-box auditing to...

Tag1 Now Hiring Interns

At the beginning of 2009, I was hired by Tag1 Consulting as Jeremy Andrews' full time partner. A decidedly questionable decision on his part, but a great change for me! I used to work at the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University and I am currently the sysadmin for Working at the OSL and spoiled me, I'll be completely honest about that. I got used to working with interesting new technologies and consistently pushing the limits of my knowledge.

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