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Recap of CPOSC 2009, plus slides

Yesterday I attended CPOSC 2009. The conference was great. It was very well run, and I liked the sessions. I would definitely attend this conference again, and will recommend that Percona sponsor it next year. I attended the following talks:

  • Stop Worrying and Start Monitoring with Nagios (Andrew Libby)
  • DRBD, Network Raid, High Availability and General Awesomeness (Brian Gorka)
  • MySQL Performance Tuning for non-DBAs (Tom Clark)
  • Wonderful Desktop Tricks, and Aesthetics (Seth Jerome)
  • Jump Start Django: The Web Framework for Perfectionists with Deadlines (Rob Yates)
  • Watching and Manipulating Your Network Traffic (Josiah Ritchie)

And then of course I gave my own talk on Maatkit ( …

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Speaking at CPOSC 2009

I’ll be attending and presenting at the 2009 Central Pennsylvania Open-Source Conference. My session is on Maatkit. I see Tom Clark has a session on MySQL performance! I hope to see you there — I’ve really become a fan of these regional conferences.

By the way, I’ve also created a speaker badge by adapting a wallpaper someone else made — you can find it on the sidebar of my blog if you’re also a speaker.

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