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Recap of CPOSC 2009, plus slides

Yesterday I attended CPOSC 2009. The conference was great. It was very well run, and I liked the sessions. I would definitely attend this conference again, and will recommend that Percona sponsor it next year. I attended the following talks:

  • Stop Worrying and Start Monitoring with Nagios (Andrew Libby)
  • DRBD, Network Raid, High Availability and General Awesomeness (Brian Gorka)
  • MySQL Performance Tuning for non-DBAs (Tom Clark)
  • Wonderful Desktop Tricks, and Aesthetics (Seth Jerome)
  • Jump Start Django: The Web Framework for Perfectionists with Deadlines (Rob Yates)
  • Watching and Manipulating Your Network Traffic (Josiah Ritchie)

And then of course I gave my own talk on Maatkit ( …

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Speaking at CPOSC 2009

I’ll be attending and presenting at the 2009 Central Pennsylvania Open-Source Conference. My session is on Maatkit. I see Tom Clark has a session on MySQL performance! I hope to see you there — I’ve really become a fan of these regional conferences.

By the way, I’ve also created a speaker badge by adapting a wallpaper someone else made — you can find it on the sidebar of my blog if you’re also a speaker.

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Speaking about Maatkit at CPOSC

I’m going to present on Maatkit at the CPOSC conference in central Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 17th 2009. I’ll give an overview of the toolkit, which is no longer an easy task in a single session. I see a number of other interesting sessions have been accepted. It looks like it’ll be a good conference.

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