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MEB Support to NetBackup MMS

In MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6, new option was introduced to support backup to tapes via SBT interface. SBT stands for System Backup to Tape, an Oracle API that helps to perform backup and restore jobs via media management software such as Oracle's Secure Backup (OSB). There are other storage managers like IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and Symantec's Netbackup (NB) which are also supported by MEB but we don't guarantee that it will function as expected for every release. MEB supports SBT API version 2.0

In this blog, I am primarily going to focus the interface of MEB and Symantec's NB. If we are using tapes for backup, ensure that tape library and tape drives are compatible.

Test Setup

1. Install NB 7.5 master and media servers in Linux OS. ( NB 7.1 can also be used but for testing purpose I used NB 7.5)
2. Install MEB 3.8 also in Linux OS.
3. Install NB admin console in your windows desktop and …

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How To – Change your ringtone on a Blackberry Curve
  1. Go to Profiles
  2. Click on Advanced
  3. Highlight Active profile
  4. Click on Menu and select Edit
  5. SMS Text/Phone/MMS etc.
  6. Select Tone
  7. Ring Tone: Change as desired
  8. Volume: High/Medium/Low
  9. Click back button
  10. Select Save
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