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We need more CATs

Before you think I’ve posted an animal story in my MySQL category please read on. For reference, The RAT and the CAT is something I wrote back in 2006, that explains the CAT part.

I was reviewing the website performance tonight of a client. I had access to an idle system so being lazy in collecting SQL after my initial audit of the system and MySQL, I turned on the General Query log and hit the home page. NOTE: Do not do this on a running production system, especially with any volume.

What I got was 77 lines of output (after I removed newlines in the queries). 74 were queries, and 72 were from the same table, via some unnecessarily complex sub-joins. I wish I could have laughed but it wasn’t really funny.

My Friday wisdom for writing SQL is this:

  • Don’t write duplicate SQL statements
  • Look the entire …
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