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NILFS – may be not yet

Inspired by NILFS: A File System to Make SSDs Scream and some customers asked if they should try NILFS on their SSD disks I decided to run quick tests to see how it performs.

Installation on our Ubuntu 8.10 with SSD disk (Intel X25-E, 32GB) was pretty plain and I got partition with NILFS without problem. After that I run script for sysbench fileio:


  1. for size in 256M 16G; do
  2.    for mode in seqwr seqrd rndrd rndwr rndrw; do
  3.       ./sysbench --test=fileio --file-num=1 --file-total-size=$size prepare
  4.       for threads in 1 4 8; do
  5.          echo PARAMS $size $mode $threads> sysbench-size-$size-mode-$mode-threads-$threads
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