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Kickfire Basics – The KFDB columnar storage engine

This is the first post in a new series of “Kickfire Basics” blog posts by myself and others here at Kickfire.  This series will review the basics of the Kickfire appliance starting from this post describing how data is stored on disk, to future posts on topics such as loading data into the appliance and writing queries which best leverage the capabilities of the SQL chip.

The Kickfire Equation
Column store + Compression + SQL Chip = performance

The Kickfire Analytic Appliance features the new KFDB storage engine which was built from scratch to handle queries over vast amounts of data.  KFDB is a column store in contrast to most MySQL storage engines which are row stores.  What follows is a description of our column oriented storage engine and how it improves performance over typical row stores.

This post concerns itself with the first part of the equation, the KFDB …

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