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highbase beta-0.9.4

Heavy testing, headphones with no music, lots of Sanchez Gran Reserva, headphones with Miles Davis, more testing, an updated Installation Guide, Charles Mingus & Eric Dolphy, and I still couldn’t get a Release Candidate out.

Well, such is the life of the multi purpose hacker. Other people are always finding out new purposes for you, which makes your free time aproach zero.

Does this mean that the release date of rc-1 will never come? Nah, I don’t think so. I have high hopes for the next iteration.

Wanna help me? Please test the installation guide, and then test the cluster itself. There’s a contact mail in the guide (yep, I don’t fear spam, I love it, it’s great for art).

Thanks to the 5000+ anonymous folks …

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Rewriting Highbase in Erlang

Why? Highbase is currently comprised of several shell scripts  and some C code. It’s actually a good project (talk about self promotion) that hasn’t reached a stable release yet just because It hasn’t been tested enough in production environments I’ve been amazingly busy during the last years. Lots of work, and lots of parenting in … Continue reading Rewriting Highbase in Erlang →

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