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Three common MySQL database design mistakes

Learn about a few common mistakes when designing your MySQL database schema.

Working with geospatial features in MySQL

In this blog post, we explore how complex data and geographic features can be represented in MySQL.

MySQL isolation levels and how they work

Learn about the various isolation levels used by MySQL to allow concurrency in your database.

Upgrading to MySQL 8.0

Over 15 years ago, GitHub started as a Ruby on Rails application with a single MySQL database. Since then, GitHub has evolved its MySQL architecture to meet the scaling and resiliency needs of the platform—including building for high availability, implementing testing automation, and partitioning the data. Today, MySQL remains a core part of GitHub’s infrastructure and our relational database of choice.

This is the story of how we upgraded our fleet of 1200+ MySQL hosts to 8.0. Upgrading the fleet with no impact to our Service Level Objectives (SLO) was no small feat–planning, testing and the upgrade itself took over a year and …

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Three surprising benefits of sharding a MySQL database

There is more to sharding than simply increasing data throughput. In this article, we explore three different benefits of sharding your database.

MySQL replication: Best practices and considerations

Learn the best practices for configuring MySQL replication, and how to ensure your data is always available.

What is MySQL replication and when should you use it?

Learn about what database replication is and some real-world use cases of MySQL replication that can benefit your database scalability strategy.

Distributed caching systems and MySQL

Learn what distributed caching systems are, how they complement MySQL databases, and potential issues you might face when implementing them.

What is MySQL partitioning?

Learn the basics of MySQL partitioning, including partitioning with range, list, and key strategies, as well as how partitioning relates to database sharding.

How to scale your database and when to shard MySQL

Not sure when to shard your MySQL database? This article covers when you should consider horizontal sharding as a scaling strategy in MySQL and some other scaling options before then.

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