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Horizontal sharding for MySQL made easy

Historically, there has been the belief that you cannot horizontally scale and shard MySQL, learn how Vitess has made MySQL sharding at the database layer a reality.

Datetimes versus timestamps in MySQL

Storing datetime and timestamp data in MySQL correctly.

Generated hash columns in MySQL

Creating generated hash columns in MySQL for faster strict equality lookups.

Using redundant conditions to unlock indexes in MySQL

Using redundant conditions as a method to unlock obfuscated indexes and improve performance in MySQL.

Character sets and collations in MySQL

Understanding the differences between character sets and collations in MySQL.

Why isn’t MySQL using my index?

There are several reasons why MySQL might not consider your index, and in this article we’ll explore some of the most common ones.

Pagination in MySQL

An overview of the different ways to paginate in MySQL including limit/offset pagination and cursor pagination plus the pros and cons of each.

Faster MySQL with HTTP/3

In this article we explore how our HTTP/3 API compares to the latency of a traditional MySQL client.

MySQL Integers: INT BIGINT and more

Gain a deeper understanding of the MySQL integer types by exploring the different options (INT BIGINT MEDIUMINT etc) and how they are stored.

Indexing JSON in MySQL

Learn how to index JSON in MySQL with generated columns and functional indexes.

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