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What is MySQL replication and when should you use it?

Learn about what database replication is and some real-world use cases of MySQL replication that can benefit your database scalability strategy.

Distributed caching systems and MySQL

Learn what distributed caching systems are, how they complement MySQL databases, and potential issues you might face when implementing them.

What is MySQL partitioning?

Learn the basics of MySQL partitioning, including partitioning with range, list, and key strategies, as well as how partitioning relates to database sharding.

How to Scale your Database and when to Shard MySQL

Not sure when to shard your MySQL database? This article covers when you should consider horizontal sharding as a scaling strategy in MySQL and some other scaling options before then.

Horizontal sharding for MySQL made easy

Historically, there has been the belief that you cannot horizontally scale and shard MySQL, learn how Vitess has made MySQL sharding at the database layer a reality.

Storing time series data in sharded MySQL to power Query Insights

How we built a scalable telemetry pipeline with Apache Kafka and PlanetScale.

Datetimes versus timestamps in MySQL

Learn the differences between datetimes and timestamps in MySQL, the DATE, YEAR, and TIME columns, timezones, and when to use each.

Generated Hash Columns in MySQL

Creating generated hash columns in MySQL for faster strict equality lookups.

Using redundant conditions to unlock indexes in MySQL

Using redundant conditions as a method to unlock obfuscated indexes and improve performance in MySQL.

Character sets and collations in MySQL

Understanding the differences between character sets and collations in MySQL.

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