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Miguel wants me to be MySQL's ambassador to Mono

This was an honor, but I must decline. We already have such an "ambassador." Thank you, Miguel.

14:15 <@miguel2> What is MaxDB?
14:15 <@tjfontaine>
14:16 < cj> miguel2: it was written in pascal in the mid 70s.  it's a
            pre-relational database with all sorts of features [added] on
14:16 <@miguel2> Wait, is that a different DB?
14:16 < cj> miguel2: yep
14:16 <@miguel2> So its not MySQL?
14:16 < cj> miguel2: nope
14:16 <@miguel2> That is crazy talk
14:16 <@miguel2> crazy
14:17 <@miguel2> I dontbelieve you
14:17 < cj> miguel2: heh, okay.  MySQL doesn't have *any* pascal code
in the
            kernel, afaik
14:19 <@miguel2> Who uses that?
14:19 <@miguel2> So why dont they pay you to hack on Mono?
14:19 < cj> miguel2: that's something I'd like to know :)
14:19 <@miguel2> We need a firm MySQL commitment to Mono
14:19 …
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