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MariaDB patches for Random Query Generator

My fellow testers and others who run RQG tests on MySQL flavors might be interested in some additions that are being used for MariaDB testing. While none of them is a major breakthrough, maybe they will make somebody’s life a little easier.

RQG Introduction

A quick introduction for those who have never heard of RQG, but are still curious what this blog post is about.

RQG stands for Random Query Generator, also known as randgen — an open-source product, available under the GPL v2 license. Quoting its home page on Launchpad, it is a “pseudo-random data and query generator that can be used to test any Perl DBI, JDBC or ODBC-compatible SQL server, in particular MySQL, but also JavaDB and PostgreSQL”.

The framework was created by my former colleague Philip Stoev, who not only developed a great tool, …

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Guest Post: Philip Stoev. If you love it break it. Getting started with the RQG

I am glad to host in these pages a post by Philip Stoev, a remarkable QA engineer, creative, resourceful, and a notorious troublemaker.
I met Philip by email in 2007, when I was exploring his Perl modules, which I used for one of my most rewarding articles. A few months later, when we met in person during the MySQL Developers Meeting, Philip was hired as a QA engineers, with my warmest recommendations.
This post is about the …
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