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Setting the TZ Environment Variable for MySQL on Windows

Most of us are familiar with how MySQL handles timezones, and what one must do to keep up with the latest changes, etc. Most of us use the system timezone info, which is great – one less item to update when changes occur (usually because of daylight savings changes). And for those who need more specifics, most everyone (except Windows and HP-UX) can update their timezone info using the zoneinfo database from the OS.

For those few Windows and HP-UX, you have to download the package of pre-built time zone tables that MySQL provides. Per the manual (timezone section):

“If your system is one that has no zoneinfo database (for example, Windows or HP-UX), you can use the package of pre-built time zone tables that is available for download at the MySQL Developer Zone:”

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Pear::Date Returned Timezone is Wrong

Background Knowledge

I’m trying to determine the difference in minutes between two timestamps. I’m using Pear::Date to do this. The issue comes into play when I noticed that the wrong timezone was being used by Pear::Date, UTC. If I do not use Pear::Date the timezone is set correctly.

I have tried using date_default_timezone_set() and it does set the timezone back, however I feel this shouldn’t be necessary as the default timezone should be used. I have been using date_default_timezone_get() to determine what timezone is being used.

It’s my understanding that Pear::Date uses UTC when it is unable to determine the default timezone. As far as I know I have the default timezone set correctly and with a …

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