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Blog Series: MySQL Configuration Management

MySQL configuration management remains a hot topic, as I’ve noticed on numerous occasions during my conversations with customers.

I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog series that goes deeper in detail into some of the different options, and what modules potentially might be used for managing your MySQL database infrastructure.

Configuration management has been around since way before the beginning of my professional career. I, myself, originally began working on integrating an infrastructure with my colleagues using Puppet.

Why is configuration management important?

  • Reproducibility. It’s giving us the ability to provision any environment in an automated way, and feel sure that the new environment will contain …
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Managing MySQL Configuration Files

It is good practice to manage changes to MySQL configuration files (/etc/my.cnf) by using a version control system. I usually use a home-brewed (not brewed by me!) svn+cfengine application to propagate my.cnf (and other configuration file) changes to defined classes of machines (classes are based on application role, replication role, etc). When managing hundreds of [...]

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