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Oracle to MySQL – prepare to bushwhack through the open source jungle

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I was recently approached by a healthcare company for advice on suitable database solutions capable of executing its new initiative. The company was primarily an Oracle shop so naturally, they began by shopping for possible Oracle solutions.

The CTO relayed his conversation with the Oracle sales rep, who at first recommended an Oracle solution that, expensive as it may have been, ultimately aligned with the company’s existing technology and experience. Unfortunately this didn’t match their budget and so predictably, the Oracle sales rep whipped out a MySQL-based solution as an alternative.

Having worked as an Oracle DBA throughout the dot-com years, I know the technology well. I also know …

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101 MySQL Stories


My name is Larry and I am an Oracle DBA. I work in the City for a large finance corporation - we use Oracle, SQLServer and Sybase. It's a great job, very well paid and plenty of opportunities to learn new stuff.

My company has been seriously hit by the crisis in the financial sector and the management is now wondering if it's really necessary to pay expensive licenses for every small project that requires a database. It's true that we have a corporate license agreement, but that does not cover all the instances - we need to distinguish between front end, back end, sockets, physical CPUs, cores, threads and lots of other rules I do not remember.

One of my managers heard about MySQL. He read that MySQL powers the majority of the Web 2.0 world. I thought that MySQL was only a small thing for home use, but maybe it's been improved. I am curious by nature, so I am really excited to discover something new. …

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